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101 Unique Gas Station Business Name Ideas (2021 Update)

Gas stations, filling stations, petrol stations; there are a multitude of names used to describe the same thing. A service center that sells gasoline, sometimes known as “gas” or petrol (UK), and diesel to the public. Most of these gas stations offer the added convenience of offering all sorts of food and beverage items. No doubt you’ve indulged in a hot dog or slice of pizza from time to time during one of your pit stops.

An essential business in the United States, there are currently around 168,000 locations to refuel in the country. However, this number has been declining in the last ten years, partly due to stricter environmental controls and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Refueling a vehicle.

This industry is valued at an estimated $116 billion a year in output. Gas prices can vary, but are generally tied to the price of crude oil on the international markets. But the net profit of selling gasoline isn’t great.

It’s a known fact that selling retail gasoline won’t make you rich with a single station. According to reports, it’s not uncommon for retail gas stations to make on .15 per gallon of gas sold. Sell one thousand gallons of gas in an hour and you’ll make $150 before expenses like labor, rent, and electricity.

One of the ways that gas station owners have been able to combat the low margin on gas is to sell a variety of food and beverages to guests. If you’re able to offer good food at an affordable price point this can be an amazing way to differentiate your brand.

As a gas station owner, you can be confident in knowing that as long as there are cars there will be customers. So take a look at these brilliant gas station names organized by category below.

Gas Station Business Name Ideas

A gas station at night.

As a gas station owner, it’s your mission to lure customers inside the store. Popular reasons to go inside include selling fresh cups of coffee, beverages, lottery tickets, a quick meal, or even to use the bathroom.

The more people you bring into your store where there’s the opportunity to make an additional purchase can be the difference between business success and failure in this industry. Here are our best names ideas for a gas station designed to invite customers into your retail location.

  • 79ers International Gasoline
  • Andi’s Snack & Gas
  • Map Dot Convenience
  • Boston Drake Gas Station
  • City Gas
  • Family Friendly Fillers
  • Gas Hub
  • 24/7 Gas and Food Mart
  • Modern Commuter
  • Gas-N-Go
  • Eco Driver
  • Gas-Pro
  • GasTech
  • Gastore
  • Landmark Gas and Go
  • Big Rig Bonanza
  • The Gas Supply
  • Grape Gas Station
  • Green’s Gas
  • Harry Mickey Gas Station
  • Horizons Gas Station
  • The Freedom Food Mart
  • The Diesel Destination
  • John Barnes & Sons Gasoline
  • Lamp Post Gas Station
  • Tribal Travelers
  • Local Station Gas
  • Warm Engines Gas Station
  • The Car and Truck Rest Area
  • Main Street Gas Mart
  • Fuel and Coffee Co.
  • Lucky’s Lottery and Diesel
  • Truck Driver Heaven
  • LongHaul Shopping Mall
  • Cross Country Fill up
  • One Planet Gas Station
  • Clean Restrooms Gas Station
  • QuikMart Gas Station
  • Ready Mart Gas
  • Road Wonders Gas
  • Restless Gas and Restaurant
  • Shaw Daniels Gas Station
  • Snack & Gas Depot
  • Sunny Star Gas Stations
  • Swift Snacks & Gas
  • The Gas Store
  • TraxStar Gas Station
  • Unicorn Gas Station
  • Zeal Prism Gas Station

Fun Gas Station Name Ideas

An old school pit stop.

Gas station names don’t need to be serious. Just take a look at some of the light-hearted brands like Kum & Go and Pump’n Munch. Coming up with a laugh out loud name for your gas station could bring in some customers that your business wouldn’t typically appeal to with a more generic title.

  • Auto-ly Delighted Station
  • Pump You Up
  • The Car Bar
  • Put Put Trucks
  • Moto Madness Station
  • The Silly Station
  • The Oil Office
  • Pump and Dump
  • Engine Fed
  • Emoji Gas Station
  • We Drill so You Can Fill
  • Go Go Guzzle
  • Good Golly Gas
  • Gr8 Trip Gas
  • Green Gasolines
  • Jalopy Motor Mart
  • Light Speed Station
  • Get Pumped!
  • Powerfuel
  • Pumped Up Snacks
  • Pumpmarket
  • RapidSpeed Gas Station
  • Right Wheel Station
  • Smile Mart Convenience
  • Station Power
  • Station!
  • Sunny Gasoline Station
  • Super Gas
  • The E-Z Gas
  • The Gas Guys
  • The Gas Guzzle
  • The Magic Car Pit Ride
  • The Roadtrip Rally
  • Tripway Station
  • Wheely Quick Mart
  • Zippy Gas Station
  • Driller’s Delight

Petrol Station Name Ideas

Fill her up.

Similar to a gas station, a “Petrol Station” is what these businesses are called in the English-speaking world outside the U.S. and Canada. In the United Kingdom and much of Europe, gasoline is known as petrol. These petrol station inspired names would give your business a unique name if it were used state side.

  • City Street Petrol
  • Corner Store Petrol
  • Downtown Petrol Station
  • Fuely’s Petrol
  • Happy Trails Petroleum
  • Peter’s Petrol Pump (PPP)
  • Herman’s Quik Petrol
  • Julio’s Petrol Station
  • Martin Bros. Petrol
  • Quick Stop Station
  • QuikStop Petrol
  • Roadside Petrol
  • Second Street Petrol
  • Starlight Petroleum
  • Sunbeams Petrol Station
  • The Petrol Pump
  • The Petrol Roadview
  • The Petrol Shop
  • The Petroleum Station

Popular Gas Station Name Examples

A Texaco branded gas station.

There are 91 brands of gasoline chains in the United States today so you’ll want to double check the one you’ve selected is not already in use. Here are the top 26 gas station chains for your naming inspiration.

  • Agip Gas Station
  • Aloha Petroleum
  • American Gas
  • BP Petrol Station
  • Caltex Service Station
  • Chevron Gas Station
  • Clean Energy – Fremont Pilot Gas Station
  • Conoco
  • Elf Gas Station
  • Eni Gas Station
  • Esso Petrol Station
  • Exxon Gas Station
  • Gas Land Petroleum
  • Gas Stations USA Realty
  • Husky Gas Station
  • Kwik Fill
  • Marathon Gas Station
  • Mobil Gas Station
  • Murphy USA Gas Station
  • Puma Energy service station
  • Pump N Munch
  • Servco
  • Shell Gas Station
  • Speedway Gas Station
  • Sunoco Gas Station
  • Total Gas Station

How to get a gas station logo created?

Gas station logo.

All the timeless gas station brands have a recognizable logo. As consumers, we’ve been trained to associate these gas station logos through decades of advertising. Who can forget the “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” slogan from and logo from Esso?

In addition to a brand name, it’s a good idea to have a logo to associate with your gas station brand. This allows customers to identify where there’s an opportunity to fill up the tank. In the past, brands has selected a a variety of animal mascots to include in their logos like a dinosaur, turtle, or tiger. Signs with logos help motorists spot the gas station from a distance so you should make sure your logo is unique, easily recognizable, and eye-catching with bright colors.

You can get one designed for you by professionals, if you have the money to pay for their services. You can get a good list of the gas station chains from Wikipedia and from there you can check their logos to make sure yours is unique.

Once you know what not to use, you can always use one of the many online design programs or websites like Fiverr to create your own unique logo at an affordable price. You can have a professional logo created without spending a fortune.

How do you make your gas station stand out from a marketing perspective?

Advertising and location is key in any industry and gas stations are no different. Have you ever noticed the most successful gas stations are located right off a busy freeway? This location makes it easy for travelers to get in and out of your establishment and continue onward to their final destination.

In addition to identifying a winning location, you want to think about the different types of travelers you hope to attract. If you want to cater to long-haul truck drivers going across the country then bathrooms with showers will be appealing. You’ll also want a large parking lot with plenty of open space so drivers can easily navigate in and out of the gas station.

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Another customer avatar you could appeal to is traveling families. This customer segment wants clean bathrooms in a safe area. This group of people will also appreciate a variety of snacks, beverages, and even a gift shop to keep the kids happy and entertained.

In this business, strategic advertising can really add to the bottom line. Believe it or not, billboard advertising is still an effective way to get the word out about your gas station. If you’re able to rent billboards a few miles from your super center, you can build anticipation from drivers who may hungry, thirsty, or require a clean restroom after a few hours of driving.

An example of a business that’s mastered billboard advertising is Wall Drug in South Dakota. Anyone that’s visited Wall Drug knows you begin seeing signs for the tourist trap hundreds of miles in advance. Free water, dinosaurs, gift shops, and food are all touted as benefits to pulling over. By the time arrive, you’ve got no choice, but to pull over and find out what the place is all about.

Social media is another modern way to market a gas station to people located near your store. You can use digital coupons or loyalty programs to encourage local clientele to visit your business. Many loyalty programs are built into modern POS systems so executing this approach is easier than you might think.

Gas station industry statistics

Gas pumps.

Gas stations with convenience stores are a part of the convenience retail segment with more than $650 billion in sales every year. In a world where less people smoke, where everyone has GPS, and where cars can go further than ever on a tank of gas, the old mom and pop gas stop it at risk of becoming extinct. At the time of writing, 80% of convenience stores sell fuel.

In the recent COVID situation, the gas station industry has seen some decline, with a drop of around 19.9% in the demand for fuel due to fewer people traveling much in 2020. And this is expected to still drop by as much as 5.1% over the next five years. Part of this is the result of less people commuting due to the rise of remote work and the increase in electric powered vehicles.

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While cash may still be responsible for around 75% of gas station transactions, there is a move to the use of electronic payment methods, such as mobile wallets. Gas stations are also moving into their own payment apps, with Shell’s Fill Up & Go platform and Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car technology making fuel payment so efficient that customers can do it from the comfort of their own car. This tech further reduces the need to go inside the store.

In spite of the declines in the industry, it’s still possible to open a successful gas station business. But to ensure success, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got a clear marketing plan and unique offering in your market that appeals to customers.

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