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200+ Original Photography Business Name Ideas for 2021

Let’s face it: there is nothing that stop you from scrolling through a Facebook feed like a stunning photograph. That mouthwatering burger you saw posted on Instagram that made you hungry. That gorgeous wedding photo of a couple with the bride’s bouquet captured flying mid-air capturing an unforgettable moment in time. The mountains at day break reminding you of the beauty of our planet.

If you’re planning to turn your passion photography into a business we’re here to help. We’ve organized nine different areas of focus so you can specialize your service and call out your ideal projects. Stick around to the end of the post and we share three ways to get your first paying customer.

Photography Business Name Ideas

A photographer with their lens on the ready.

Check out these all-purpose business names for a small photography company.

  • Yellow Skies Studios
  • Blue Country Photography
  • Yellow Sky Photography
  • Starlight Photos
  • Mood Makers
  • Picture Poetry
  • Fiery Lanterns
  • Urban Photos Inc.
  • Luna
  • Zero Gravity
  • NYC Photo Company
  • Baby Steps
  • Day Break Imagery
  • Memorabilia
  • 1, 2, Snap!
  • Sally’s Snaps
  • The Photo Crew
  • Exposed
  • MSP Photos
  • Passionate Guys
  • Raw Moments
  • Denver Photo Chick
  • Natural Light
  • Fated
  • Portraits For Life
  • Farmland Photos
  • North Dakota Imagery
  • Eternal Bliss
  • Four Seasons
  • Tangerine Kisses
  • Rainbow Hour
  • Frozen Moments
  • Starlight

Food Photography Business Name Ideas

A food photographer in their element.

If your expertise is getting the right angles from that slice of cake of knowing or understand how to stage cheese oozing out of your burger then food photography could be your calling. If you want to work with food brands, restaurants, cookbook authors, or food websites this might be the right niche.

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  • Hungry Mama
  • Saucy
  • Smokin’ Hot Shot
  • No Shadow Burgers
  • Feast For The Eyes
  • Savory Visuals
  • Social Shares Photography
  • The Taco Shot
  • Milky Way Studios
  • Double Take
  • Mouthwatering Image
  • Snack Snaps
  • Drizzled
  • Food For Thought
  • The Hungry Explorer
  • Full Belly Photos
  • Foodie Snaps
  • Edible Imagery
  • My Kitchen Photos Inc.
  • Luscious Photos
  • Inviting
  • Food Photography Inc.
  • Eyeromatics
  • Spiced Up
  • Eyeful
  • Daring Eats
  • The Starved Photographer
  • Sweetened Snaps
  • First Bite
  • Dream Dishes
  • Visual Treat
  • Delicious Sights
  • The Food Scene
  • Snaps for Snacks
  • The Tasty Experience
  • Delish Scene
  • Food Photo Freaks

Wedding Photography Business Name Ideas

A wedding photography team working.

Have you ever looked into the fees of wedding photographers? It’s not uncommon for these professionals to charge $1,000 – $2,000 for a few hours. Many couples book their wedding photographers earlier than their wedding venues and caterers and that’s saying something. If you’re thinking about a wedding photography business, then check out these name ideas:

  • Fated Moments
  • Lifetime Love Photography
  • Timeless Pieces
  • Sunset Kisses
  • Making Memories
  • Lifetime Musings
  • Beginnings and Beyond
  • Bride’s Choice Photography
  • Moment Chasers
  • Passion Photography
  • Generations Captured
  • Turtle Doves
  • Everything In Color
  • Dream Makers
  • Everlasting Love
  • Love Locked
  • Dearest Moments
  • Happy Ever After
  • Special Tales
  • Married Bliss
  • The Wedding Scene
  • Color Me Married
  • Flower Road
  • Unveiled
  • Love Shots
  • Cupid’s Project
  • Good Times
  • Pristine Captures
  • Fireworks

Portrait Business Name Ideas

A casual portrait photo of a baby.

Looking to start up a portrait photography business and take photos of babies and families? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Hue
  • Fever Dream
  • Kaleidoscope Views
  • Entranced
  • Visuals
  • Yours Truly
  • Modern Family Photos
  • In Check
  • Phases
  • Nature’s Picks
  • Heaven Sent
  • Flash Sessions
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Perfect Poses
  • Planet Photo
  • Developed
  • Wild Portraits
  • Magic Monsters
  • Anytime Snaps
  • Portrait Pros
  • Picturesque Portraits
  • Dr. Portraits
  • Portrait Picks

Sports Photography Name Ideas

A sports photographer capturing a fantastic play.

Are you a sports fanatic? Sports photography is a way to get on the field and be paid for it. From high school to professional athletes there’s no shortage of opportunities to gain experience in this field.

  • Think Fast
  • Perfect Timing
  • Blink
  • Fast Shooters
  • Snap That Shots
  • Shutter Speed
  • Fast Shutter
  • Moving Moments
  • Ball Life Photography
  • Mount Olympus Photography
  • One Team
  • Golden Moments
  • Victory Chasers
  • Power Shot Photography
  • Moving Stills
  • Home Run Photography
  • Tracking Moments
  • Aquarius
  • Playing Field
  • Victorious Flashes
  • Heracles
  • Winning Shots

Fashion Photography Name Ideas

Two models pose for a photo.

Want to hob knob with folks in the fashion or clothing industry? If you’re into fashion photography and staying up-to-date with the latest trends this is a great way to get involved in this industry.

  • Whiplash
  • The Glam Fam
  • Limelight
  • Glam Girl Photography
  • Glitter Guy Photography
  • High Street
  • Star-studded Kisses
  • Vertigo
  • Sick Poses
  • Spotlight
  • Brush Basics
  • Magnificent Smiles
  • Fierce Street
  • Gradient Colors
  • Knockout
  • Mirror Image
  • Red Carpet
  • Eclipse
  • Shining You
  • Wild
  • Miss Iconic
  • The Stylish Lens
  • Vivid Colors
  • Posh Poses

Travel Photography Name Ideas

A photographer on a hike.

Capturing images from around the world can be an enviable and fulfilling career. If you’re putting up a travel photography business or operate a travel blog based around imagery one of these ideas could be the right fit.

  • Pristine Sands
  • Mountaintop Wonders
  • Ever Glow
  • Firefly Nights
  • The Keen Observer
  • Unknown Explorers
  • The Solo Traveler
  • Happy Adventures
  • The Adventurous Dude
  • Travel Essentials
  • Travel Sisters
  • The Nomad Photographer
  • Cruisin’ Pictures
  • Happy Campers
  • Horizon Photography
  • The Fearless Photographer
  • Mother Nature’s Documenters
  • From Nature’s Eyes
  • Scenic Paradise
  • Wandering Photographers
  • Vacation Gang
  • Roadside Shooters

Photography Studio Name Ideas

A photography studio.

Turning your space into a studio? Check out these creative photography studio name ideas.

  • The Secret Room
  • Studio Crazy
  • Art Stills
  • Aesthetic Clicks
  • Pixel Perfect Studios
  • Elegant Snaps
  • Soul Connection
  • Picture Clinic
  • Sensible Photos
  • Anywhere Studio
  • Art Reality
  • Amor Fati
  • Evolution
  • Photography Ninjas
  • A+ Photos
  • Reimagine Photos
  • The Eye Habit
  • Photo Treasures
  • Sensational Moments
  • Keepsake Makers
  • Lasting Impressions
  • Framed Moments
  • Portrait Celebrations
  • Beyond Pixels

Funny Photography Business Name Ideas

Make your clients laugh at your funny business name.

A business name that makes your clients laugh? Here are some name suggestions that don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • One Click Wonder
  • People Shooter
  • Button Clickers
  • Stay Focused
  • Shutter Up
  • Photographic Memories
  • Oh Snap!
  • Holy Crop
  • Flashers
  • The F Stop
  • Big Lenses
  • Photo Monsters
  • What’s Clicking?
  • Got Snaps
  • Life Documenters
  • Mugshot Takers
  • The Photography Band
  • Laughing Stocks
  • Capturing Bloopers
  • Photo Party
  • Wedding Crashers
  • Snap Attack

How much does a photographer make on average?

A photographer checking camera settings.

Being a photographer is usually not nine to five kind of office desk job where one works five days in a week. There are some corporate photography jobs where you maintain a normal schedule, but for most independent or freelance photographers starting out, you’ll be working an unpredictable hours.

According to Career Explorer, a photographer makes $10.36 to $32.04 per hour. This also depends on your capabilities, art style, and experience. If this is a per-project basis, you may estimate how long you can get the job done (editing, coloring, arranging a digital album for your clients), and then give a total number of hours so your clients know how much to pay for the whole project.

Keep in mind that what you shoot will often dictate how much you make. If making a good income is important, consider getting into the wedding photography space. It’s not uncommon for wedding photographers to charge $50 – $100+ per hour for services. On the other hand if you’re shooting a high-school basketball game, you’ll be lucky to make minimum wage (if you’re getting paid at all).

Don’t forget to include time spent traveling or setting up for an event into the bill. It’s easy to overlook the time it takes to travel to a venue, setup shots, and unload equipment from your vehicle. Don’t undervalue your time!

Tips for starting a photography business on the side

Tools of the trade.

The first thing you should do when you decide to put up a photography business on the side is to build up your portfolio. You can’t just expect clients to invest a couple thousand dollars into your work without letting them see your style.

You can start taking photos of a friend’s wedding or take family portraits. Have your friends model for you. Compile your photos and put them up online or have them printed out and sorted in an album so you can present them to future clients when they start inquiring.

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Make sure to also include reviews. Aside from a portfolio, clients base their decisions on hiring you from what other people say about you. Are you able to deliver quality photos on time? Was the whole photo-shoot a pleasant experience for both you and the client? Include these reviews so clients are at ease knowing how you can provide such services.

When you get hired, always draft up a contract between you and your client. It’s important to have all the details down so you two are clear about what to expect in the photo-shoot. Here are a few things you’ll want to document.

  • How many photos will you provide?
  • Will you be coloring them or give them the raw images?
  • How much will you charge per hour?
  • Will you give them a hard copy or just digital ones?

Setting things clear between you and the client helps avoid any misunderstandings and wrong expectations. This also helps the client know whether you are within their budget or not.

A photography business can be extremely rewarding, especially if this is already a hobby you have been doing for quite some time. But remember it’s still a business and taking brilliant photos is only part of what it take to be successful. With the list of name ideas above, we hope you are inspired to start something great.

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