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275 (Actually Good) Moving Company Name Ideas for 2021

Last year my family and I relocated from sunny Southern California to Idaho. To make the 896 mile move easier, I hired professional moving company to pick up and deliver my sofa, bed, chairs, clothes, tow a vehicle, and load our other personal effects (AKA junk) into our new home. As part of my move, I became friendly with the founder of the moving company and gained valuable insight into the operations this service business.

In the FAQ section below, I share the economics behind the operations and profitability of a moving company based on my conversations with the owner. To move out of our four bedroom house and have my Ford Focus towed, I was charged $6,300 for the service. While this isn’t cheap, I received quotes from other national moving companies that exceeded $10,000 for the same job. As you can see there’s real money to be made.

Upon further research, I discovered moving companies are usually ma-and-pa businesses (aside from the most famous U-Haul and PODS) that are boot strapped in spite of the economic impact of the moving services industry hitting $14 billion in annual value. There’s the opportunity to build a nice cash-flowing business that can support a family for the right operator. Check out these available names for your own new moving business below and dive into the FAQ section for more insight into the numbers and operational challenges of this business.

Moving Company Name Ideas

Help other people move across town or across country.

Naming a moving company generally consists of a simple name that includes descriptive words like moving, movers, or haulers in the business name. While this name approach might seem boring, the approach does make it clear what your business does to prospective customers. Each of the name suggestions listed below uses this simple approach to a business name.

  • 1st Chance Moves
  • 24/7 Moving
  • A-1 Freeman Moving Group
  • Aardvark Movers
  • Aaron’s Reliable Movers
  • ABC Small Move Specialists
  • Action-Movers
  • Aldo Moving
  • All My Sons Moving
  • America’s Best Moving Company
  • American Professional Moving
  • Apartment Movers
  • Atlas Van Lines
  • AZ Student Movers
  • Big Boys Moving
  • Big League Movers
  • Big-movers
  • Black Tie Moving
  • Buckhead Movers
  • Bulldog Movers
  • New Life Lifters
  • Burrows Moving
  • Camelback Moving
  • Cross Country Haulers
  • Comforting Movers
  • Designer Moving Systems
  • Easy Florida Moving
  • Hefty Haulers
  • Excel Movers
  • EZ Moving Today
  • Ezee Moving
  • Falcon Moving
  • First Class Movers
  • Florida Family Movers
  • Frestart Moving
  • Frontier Apt Movers
  • Gomez Moving
  • Grand American Movers
  • Heartstring Moving
  • Insta-Move
  • Interamerican Movers
  • Jay Movers
  • Knowledgeable Movers
  • Luis & Son Moving
  • Momma’s Moving Company
  • Movers Hub
  • Moving Team Six
  • New City Moving
  • New Mood Moving
  • On Time Moving Systems
  • One Moore Moving
  • Orange Movers
  • Ox Moving Services
  • Parallel Moving
  • Peachtree Movers
  • Pete’s Ultimate Movers
  • Pro Movers
  • Raimond’s Movers Inc.
  • Ramsey’s Moving Systems
  • Riverside-Moving
  • RMP Moving Company
  • Road Runner Moving
  • Sky-Movers
  • Spartan Moving System
  • Stair Hopper Movers
  • Talented Movers
  • The Mountain-Movers
  • Tip Top Moving
  • Total Moving Services
  • Two Man Movers
  • Veterans Moving Service
  • You Move Me

Funny Moving Company Name Ideas

You can be a little funny in your naming.

Your name can be humorous, while still being serious about the moving business. For example “College Hunks Hauling Junk” has become a household name. With a little forethought and some great pun-based naming ideas, you can launch a light-hearted moving brand of your own.

  • 1 Mike & A Truck
  • 404 Movers
  • Muscle Man Movers
  • Surfer Dudes Moving Co.
  • Two Dudes Movers
  • Get Me Outta Here Movers
  • Leaving California Movers
  • The Great Escape Moving Co.
  • Escape from New York Movers
  • A to B Moving
  • Hella Good Haulers
  • ABC Moving
  • Big Boy Movers
  • The Exit Movers
  • Brown Box Lifters
  • Book It
  • Boxed Uptown
  • Break It Down Movers
  • Bubble Wrap Boys
  • Bubbly Wrapped Movers
  • Carmel Movers
  • Cheap Movers
  • Chico Moving
  • Co-ed Movers
  • Discount Movers
  • EverSafe Moving Co.
  • EZ Move
  • Ezee Moving
  • Family Hauls
  • Final Destination
  • Flying South Movers
  • Get a Move On
  • Go Go Movers
  • Heavy Lifters
  • Home Transport By Air
  • Homes in Transit
  • Household Convoy
  • Hulk Moves
  • Hulk Of It Packed
  • Joe’s Lightfoot Moving
  • Keep On Truckin’
  • Lots of Boxes Movers
  • Magical-Movers
  • Make a Move
  • Moe Moves You
  • Move Along
  • Movin’ On Up
  • Movin’ Out
  • Moving Guy Ron
  • Moving Sucks Movers
  • Muscle Moving Company
  • No Cracks Moving
  • On the Move
  • Out & In Moving
  • Pack Rat Race
  • Packed Ready Go
  • Packed Details
  • Pickup Line
  • Powerlifter Movers
  • Slow & Steady Moves
  • The Easiest Move
  • The Joyful Movers
  • The Moving Guru
  • Transporter Tom
  • Unload On Us
  • Wagon Train Movers

Mover and Packer Name Ideas

Offering box packing services can increase revenue for this business.

Before you can move, you need to pack everything into big brown moving boxes. Packing boxes requires time and planning to  make sure nothing gets broken during transit. Many movers also provide packing services for an additional fee. The fee depends on how many boxes need to be packed and shipped. The contents of these packages also determine cost for this. While a packing service can provide more revenue for your business, it’s time consuming and can be a challenging service to provide depending on the customer. Some customers will micromanage the packing process making this service a more complex than simply loading and hauling furniture from point A to point B.

  • 1st Choice Moving & Packing
  • 24/7 Moving & Packing
  • A Box Moving and Packing
  • A-1 Pioneer Moving and Packing
  • All Together Moving and Packing
  • American Moving & Packaging
  • Any Town Packing and Moving
  • Bannister Moving & Packing
  • Basin Moving & Packing
  • Berger Allied Moving & Packing
  • Chandler Moving and Packing
  • Citizens Transfer & Packing
  • Creative Moving and Packing
  • Crown Moving & Packing
  • Dose Moving and Packing
  • First Class Moving & Packing
  • Genesis Moving & Packing
  • Helping Hands Moving and Packing
  • Lewis & Clark Movers and Packers
  • Lifetime Moving & Packing
  • Mass Packers
  • Monti Moving & Packing
  • Mooney’s Moving & Packing
  • Mooney’s Moving & Packing
  • Morales Moving & Packing
  • Mountain Moving & Packing
  • Mountain States Moving & Packing
  • Mounting Moving & Packing
  • Moving Memories Movers & Packers
  • Muscular Moving Men and Packing
  • New Venture Moving & Packing
  • Ocean Moving and Packing
  • Olympia Moving & Packing
  • Open Road Moving & Packing
  • Oscar’s Moving and Packing
  • Pack & Protect Moving
  • Pleased Pack & Go
  • Precise Packers
  • Smartbox Moving and Packing
  • Soft Touch Moving and Packing
  • Stevens Moving and Packing
  • Sullivan Moving & Packing
  • Sunrise Moving & Packing
  • Swift & Gentle Moving and Packing
  • The Green Truck Moving & Packing
  • The Prime Packers
  • Three Days Moving & Packing
  • U-Pack
  • Upstate Moving and Packing
  • Venture Moving & Packing
  • Vidal Moving & Packing
  • Wildcat Moving & Packing
  • Zip Moving and Packing

Relocation Company Name Ideas

Want to relocate?

Relocation businesses are usually those that transport homes from one state to another or even overseas in some cases. If you are planning on opening up a business for inter-state relocations, where you do everything from start to finish, here’s our list of suggestions.

  • 24/7 Relocation
  • 7 Brothers Relocation Company
  • A-1 Southeast Relocation
  • ABC Relocations
  • Ace Relocation Systems
  • Affordable Relocation Company
  • Alliance Professional Relocation
  • American Connection Relocations
  • Armstrong Relocation
  • Assurance Relocation Systems
  • Atlantic Relocation Systems
  • Blitz Relocation Systems
  • Boston Express Relocations
  • BrockStar Relocation Service
  • Classic Relocations
  • Cleansville Relocations
  • Coleman American Relocation Services
  • CompassMoves
  • Creative Relocation by Kyle
  • Destination Relocation
  • Elvis Relocation Co.
  • Emergency Family Relocation
  • Falcon Relocation
  • Fastruck Relocation Company
  • Father & Son Relocation
  • Flat Rate Relocation
  • Frisco Transfer Guys
  • Gentle Giant Relocation Company
  • Handle On Relocation
  • Hands On Deck Relocation Company
  • Interstate Relocations
  • Island Jumper Relocation
  • Nationwide Relocations
  • Nevada Home Resettling
  • Nobel Relocation
  • Old School Relocation
  • One Shot Relocation Company
  • Ox Relocation Services
  • Peterson Relocation Co.
  • Phoenix A to Z Relocations
  • Pro Movers Relocations
  • Progressive Relocation Systems
  • Relocating for You
  • Southern Comfort Relocations
  • Statewide Relocation
  • Strong Brothers Relocation
  • Minnesota Relocation Systems
  • True Fellas Professional Relocations
  • Two Marines Relocation
  • US Standard Relocations
  • Woody And Sons Relocation

Other Names for Moving Company

“Movers” is not the only term that can be used to describe a moving company. You can also use words like “solutions”, ‘transport”, “transit”, “carriers”, and much more. Our list of alternative naming options can help you to stand out from the other moving companies in your market.

  • 404 Transit
  • All Star Metro Movers
  • A-Plus Logistics Company
  • Arpin Van Lines
  • Borrow Boxes
  • City Escape Transport
  • Colonial Van Lines
  • Family Transition Drivers
  • Fellowship Pack & Go
  • First Class Logistics
  • Fresh Move Gurus
  • Full Service Carriers
  • Horizon Logistics
  • Hypermovers Max
  • Integrity Moving Solutions
  • King Tote Transit
  • Knightspeed Transits
  • Mayflower Transit
  • Moveout Helper
  • Moving APT
  • Moving Co-op
  • Moving Pictures Logistics
  • Moving Soldiers Logistics
  • Ocean to Ocean Movers
  • Our Word Transit
  • Ship Smart
  • Skinny Wimp Logistics
  • Smooth Move Logistics
  • Steady Family Transport
  • Steady Hand Transport
  • Stellar Moving Solutions
  • Stressless Moving Trucks
  • Student Movers
  • Sunset Moving Solutions
  • Team Transport Ease
  • Tri-State-Transport
  • Truck and I, Inc.
  • Truckloadable
  • Two Men And A Truck
  • Unique Van Lines
  • United Van Lines
  • US Relocation Services
  • USA Moving Solutions
  • Veterans R Moving Us
  • Xpress Moving Logistics
  • Zen Lady Transit

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Moving Company

How much do moving companies make?

According to the moving company I spoke with based in Idaho, the owner generated approximately $500 per day for every truck on the road. The company regularly sent out five or six trucks per week on four – five day trips.  Moving trucks generally left Idaho on Monday to drive to destinations like Seattle Washington or California. The trucks returned either Thursday or Friday of the same week to complete job an unload the vehicle in Idaho.

Everyones profitability and fees will be a different, but as mentioned previously this is an $14 billion dollar per year industry. Each year millions of Americans move and need help from a professional. There is money to be made within this industry, but if you want to make the big bucks you’ll need to hire employees to help move everything and manage multiple moves and trucks at the same time. Fortunately, this is a business that can be started with a single truck and you as the primary employee as first.

How do you market a moving company?

According to the moving company I worked with, they got most of their business from a couple Facebook groups. There are private Facebook groups dedicated to the subject of moving from California to Idaho. The founder of the moving company said they got enough work out of this one online group to sustain his entire business. Based on this insight, you should look for private Facebook groups that are dedicated to helping people move into or out of your town.

Another place I’ve personally hired smaller movers is through Craigslist. You can post a listing for your moving service on Craigslist for free. This is another smart place to generate leads if you’re staring out.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company?

Anyone selling or buying a home is a potential customer for moving services.

The cost of hiring a company to move house for you depends on where you are in the country, how much stuff the movers will carry, and the distance of the move. Generally, the further the move and the more stuff you own, the more costly the move will.

Across the country, the average cost of a local move start around $1,250. Cross country moves will quickly exceed $10,000 so the company can cover the costs of gas, labor, and time. Other factors also affect the cost, including travel fees, the size and distance of the move, what packing services you require, whether or not you require storage, the cost of boxes and other moving supplies, and the cost of liability coverage to insure your goods. In my most recent move, I gladly paid an additional $500 to have my car towed to my new home.

How much will it cost to start a moving company?

You can get started on a budget. The company I spoke with was renting a Penske truck for only $150 per day. When you book a moving job, you can also schedule the rental of a moving truck.

As you build your business, you can eventually buy a truck to help reduct cost further. But you don’t need to do this in the beginning. Many movers rent the truck and purchase insurance though the rental company in the early days. Otherwise you can put sweat equity to get the business off the ground in the early days and use the free marketing tips provided above.

What are challenges of running a moving company?

Every business faces obstacles of one sort or another. Here are some of the main challenges you’ll face when running a moving company:

  • Hiring / management: If you want to grow beyond a single moving truck, you’ll need to hire employees. Employees come and go overtime. They also need to be well trained in loading / unloading, but also provide quality customer service. Your employees are the face of your company and are essential to your companies growth.
  • Customer service / communication: There’s a lot of communication with every move. First you need to get the details about a move with customers to provide a custom move quote. These move details include how much furniture needs to be move in addition to the address information about the move. Some customers will require more hand holding than others. This is a communication heavy business and you’ll need to be extremely organized to manage the operation of multiple trucks and routes.
  • The unexpected: At some point, a moving truck is going to break down or have a flat tire. You’ll get into an accident with another vehicle. Or an employee may get lost and delay a transport for a customer. These sort of headaches are a part of doing normal business. Make sure to carry good insurance, have tow companies on speed dial, and a cell phone charged at all times in case of emergency.

Moving is a stressful time for any family. You can help relieve this stress for customers by doing the heavy lifting and transportation. According to reports, there are more than 15,000 moving companies in the United States. No matter where you live, there’s almost guaranteed to be demand for a reliable moving company.

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