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365+ Creative Bed Sheet Business Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Home bedding is valued at $13 billion dollars in 2018 and projected to increase to $18.5 billion dollars by 2025. The global pandemic actually had little impact on home bedding industry in the United States. America represents 17% of the global market. With more people staying at home, this industry likely benefited from the new normal.

Comfortable bedding.

What was once an industry of made up of large competitors that dominated retail, there’s been rapid disruption in this industry as of late. Thanks to the ease of starting an e-commerce platform and the rise of direct-to-consumer brands gobbling up market there opening a profitable bed sheet, linen, or bedding company has never been easier for a new entrepreneur than right now.

If you’re able to identify the right niche to target and a compelling brand name, you can compete side by side with the big boys online. If you’re struggling with a name for your bedding startup, ruffle through the names we have come up with to make your bedding brand cover everything.

Bed Sheet Business Name Ideas

Bed sheets and pillows.

Bed sheets are an industry that can work in any economy as consumers will always require comfort and warmth for rest. Here are the best name ideas for a bed sheet company that haven’t been taken yet.

  • Aeron-Edge Bed Sheets
  • Allegro Sheets
  • Amella’s Bed Sheets
  • Bed Fantasy Bed Sheets
  • Birch-Burry Bed Sheets
  • BlissStar Bed Sheets
  • Blue-Brox Bed Sheets
  • Careton Bed Sheets
  • Cassa Clerra Bed Sheets
  • Cassa Pierre Bed Sheets
  • Cotton Co. Bed Sheets
  • Coverage Pro Sheets
  • Dazzle Bed Sheets
  • De Mossa Bed Sheets
  • Designed Bed Sheets
  • Double-Peak Bed Sheets
  • Masterful Bed Sheets
  • Early Morning Bed Sheets
  • Ease Of Effort Sheets

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  • East West Bed Sheets
  • Elle BedSheets
  • Elitist BedSheets
  • Early to Rise BedSheets
  • Fanatic BedSheets
  • Fleece Sheets
  • Force Tote Bed Sheets
  • Gala Feathers Bed Sheets
  • Goldmine Sheets
  • Grappling Bed Sheets
  • Helping Hands Sheets
  • Hipster Bed Sheets
  • Home Care Precision Sheets
  • Home Sweet Home Sheets
  • Wrestling in the Bed Sheets
  • Layering Place Sheets
  • Lewis Lays Bed Sheets
  • Linen Sheets Co.
  • LuckySleep Bed Sheets
  • Mister Man Bed Sheets
  • Memories Bed Sheets
  • Mystic Mist Bed Sheets
  • Sleepy Sheets
  • NeuNell BedSheets
  • Niche-Rules Bed Sheets
  • Northern Bed Sheets
  • Poise Rest Sheets
  • Pole Star Sheets
  • Positiva Sheets
  • Positivo Sheets
  • Precision Care Sheets
  • Pro-Pillow Sheets
  • Providing Ease Sheets
  • Raw Wood Bed Sheets
  • Relict Sheets
  • Restful And Ready Sheets
  • Retro-Vibe Bed Sheets
  • Ross Dale Bed Sheets
  • Roster Valley Bed Sheets
  • New Age Bed Sheets
  • Sheets Service
  • Silver Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Sleep Co Sheets
  • Solid Squares Sheets
  • Spire Hues Bed Sheets
  • SpringSecrets Bed Sheets
  • Spruce Bed Sheets
  • The Flat Sheets
  • The House Connoisseurs Sheets
  • The Quilted Sheet
  • Thera-Plume Sheets
  • Tree Joy Bed Sheets
  • Tumble Berry Bed Sheets
  • Unfailing Sheets Spot
  • Urban Adorn Bed Sheets
  • Urban-Raw Bed Sheets
  • Rolling with Angel Bed Sheets
  • West Cosmix Bed Sheets
  • White Belle Bed Sheets
  • Young Spire Bed Sheets

Name Ideas for a Linen Business

The linen and bedspread market is now valued at $61 million globally. One subset of this market gaining broader appeal is eco-friendly bedding options made from organic or sustainably sourced material. But increases in market size also comes increased competition. Here are the top name ideas for a linen company to help you stand out.

  • True Organics Cotton Co.
  • Ashe Treet Cotton Co.
  • Amber Cotton Co.
  • Another Linen Cotton Co.
  • ArborTon Cotton Co.
  • Archi Quest Cotton Co.
  • Bearing Bedding
  • Bed Clothing Group
  • Bedclothes Group
  • Bering Bedding
  • Blue Sandy Cotton Co.
  • Blue Jade Cotton Co.
  • Bree Linen Company
  • Broom’s Linens
  • Cold Heart Linens
  • Cedar Heart Linens
  • Collective Times Cotton Co.
  • Closet Linens
  • Cottage Linens
  • Covers Linens
  • Crystal Shine Cotton Co.
  • Cubby Linens
  • Defending Bedding
  • Della Bella Cotton Co.
  • Down Blanket Spot
  • Earthy Spin Cotton Co.
  • Easterly Cotton Co.
  • Elderly Cotton Group
  • Wimpy Bedspreads
  • Folded Bedding
  • Home In The Heart Linens
  • Inclined Bedding
  • Jade Mayer Bedspreads
  • Joy Joss Linens
  • Laker’s Linens
  • Linen Bedding Co.
  • Linen Care
  • Linen Cupboard
  • Linen Lines
  • Linen Palace
  • Linens Lane
  • Liner’s Linens
  • Lisa’s Linens
  • Lovely Linens
  • Making Linens
  • Markham’s Linen Co.
  • May Shower Bedspreads
  • Merry Times Linen Inc.
  • Midland Cotton Co.
  • Neon Leaf Cotton Co.
  • Place Bedding Linens
  • Plank Bedspreads
  • Positivo Cotton Co.
  • Rosy Angels Cotton Co.
  • Rough Sleep Pro
  • Sassy Ley Cotton Co.
  • Sleeping Trading Co
  • Sun & Shore Linen
  • The Closest Linen
  • The Linen Closet
  • Bedspread Babes
  • The Laughing Linen Company
  • The Linen Cottage
  • The Linen Line
  • The Linen Lovers
  • The Linen Place
  • The Suitable Bedclothes
  • The Truest Covers
  • The White Blanket
  • Thistle Grip Cotton Co.
  • Wave Bedding & Linens

Quilt Company Name Ideas

Quilts keep you warm.

Ornate quilted covers have long been preferred by some to bed sheets and blankets, and make for an easier way to make your bed. So with the growing popularity of quilts over the years, our list is stuffed with amazing names for your own quilt business.

  • Bed Quilts Spot
  • Better Quilt Group
  • Betting Bedding & Quilts
  • Big Coverage Quilts Collective
  • Blanket Pro Quilts
  • Blanket Quilts Collective
  • Blissful Home Quilts Co.
  • Cheerful Continental Quilt
  • Clean Bedding Quilts
  • Covers Collective Quilts
  • Cozy Cloud Quilts
  • Cozy Continental Quilt
  • Crude Quilts
  • Decking Bedding & Quilts
  • Deep Quilt
  • Down Puff Quilts
  • Downy Quilt
  • Dream Soft Quilts
  • Dune Quilts
  • Ebbing Bedding & Quilts
  • Quilted with Love
  • English Spire Quilts Co.
  • Enough Bed Clothes Quilts
  • Expert Care Quilts
  • Extensive Quilts
  • Feather Bed Quilts Co
  • Feather Quilts Group
  • Fine Quilts
  • Fluffy Quilts Collective
  • Fluffy Quilts Pro
  • Folded Quilts Group
  • Fresh Quilts
  • Geese Quilts
  • Golden Fleece Quilts
  • Goose-down Quilts
  • Graded Bedding & Quilts
  • Greatest Quilts Collective
  • Greece Quilts
  • Help At Home Quilts
  • Home Comfort Quilts
  • Infected Sleeping Collective Quilts
  • Irregular Bedding & Quilts
  • Lenticular Bed Clothing & Quilts
  • Letting Bedding & Quilts
  • Linen Quilts Group
  • Looking Quilt Group
  • Necessary Quilts Spot
  • Pink Quilts Collective
  • Pristine Quilts
  • Puff Group Quilts
  • Puffy Coverage Quilts Co
  • Quilt Spot
  • Quilted with Passion
  • Quilted Covers Pro
  • Quilts Community
  • Quilts Palace
  • Quilts Place
  • Quilts Sleeping Collective
  • Quilts-R-Us
  • Rag Collective Quilts
  • Ragged Quilts Collective
  • Ready To Rest Quilts
  • Red Quilts Spot
  • Relict Bedding Quilts
  • Restful Relaxation Quilts
  • Rumpled Quilts Trading Co
  • Sedimentary Quilts
  • Selling Quilts
  • Smooth Squares Quilts
  • Soft Squares Quilts
  • Softport Quilts
  • Striped Cover Quilts Co
  • Striped Quilts
  • Suisse Quilts
  • Sweet Cover Quilts
  • The Big Cover Quilts
  • The Continental Quilts
  • The Deep Quilts
  • The Dune Quilts
  • The Feather Quilts
  • The Feather Sleeping Co.
  • The Flowered Quilts
  • The Goose Down Quilt
  • The Heart Of Home Quilts
  • The Knitted Quilt
  • The Puffy Quilts
  • The Rumpled Quilts
  • The Separate Quilt
  • The Spare Quilts Co.
  • The Worsted Quilt
  • Timeless Home Quilts
  • Top Bedding Quilts
  • Universal Quilts
  • Grandma’s Quilt Factory
  • Wonder Soft Quilts
  • Wooly Quilts
  • Worsted Cover Quilts Co

Comforter Company Name Ideas

The comforter helps you stay warm.

A comforter is a thick blanket that lays on top of your bed sheets. The comforter not only keeps you warm, but the bedding you’ll see on the outside of the bed.

  • Awarder Comforter
  • Bed Fantasy Comforters
  • Besetting Comforters
  • Blue Comforter
  • Body Cloud Comforters
  • Checking Comforters
  • Cheerful Coverlet
  • Chief Camp Comforter
  • Chief Comfortress
  • Comfo-Buddy
  • Comfo-Crown
  • Comfo-Lee
  • Comfo-Lust
  • Comfor-Care
  • Comfor-Right
  • Comfort her Comforter
  • Comfort Palace
  • Comforted Comforter
  • Comforter Collective
  • Comforter Covers
  • Comforter Material Spot
  • Comforter Of Home
  • Comforter Pro
  • Comforter Trading Co
  • Creature Comforters
  • Comforters & Bedclothes
  • Comforters Comforter
  • Convolute Comforter
  • Cover Pro Comforters
  • Coverage Collective Comforters
  • Dark Comforter
  • Discerner Comforter
  • Earthly Comforter
  • Enough Bedding Comforters
  • Extra Comforter
  • Faithful Comforter
  • Goose Down Pacifier Comforters
  • Governor Comforters
  • Gracious Comforter
  • Greatest Comforter
  • Heavenly Comforter
  • Little Comforter
  • More-Comfort Comforters
  • Quilted Comforter
  • Ragged Comforter
  • Silken Comforter
  • Soft Comforter
  • SoftEase Comforter
  • The Big Kids Comforter
  • Wrapped up Warm Comforter
  • Southern Comforter
  • Spiritual Comforter
  • The Comforter Co
  • The Comforts Of Home
  • The Only Comforter Co.
  • True Comforter
  • Truest Comforter
  • Uncared for Comforter
  • Underfur Comforter
  • Wonderer Comforter
  • Wretched Comforter

Funny Bed Sheet Business Name Ideas

Bedding can be fun.

Bed sheets can be fun with patterns for kids taken from cartoons, TV shows, and much more. check out our funny brand names for your bed sheet business if you want to stand out with in the market with a touch of humor.

  • Bedz’n’Sheetz
  • Blanket Trading Co
  • Bright and Roomy Sheets
  • Brown Thready Bed Sheets
  • Bull Sheets!
  • Cloud Nine Sheets
  • Comfy Wave Sheets
  • Cozy Cot Sheets
  • Cozy Cover Sheets
  • Cush Tush Sheets
  • Cushy Spot Sheets
  • Dirty Bed Sheets
  • Dr. Cloud Sheets
  • Dragonfly Sheets
  • Dyna Dee Sheets
  • DynaBEE Sheets
  • Fuller Sheet
  • Dog House Sheet Company
  • Funny Sheets
  • Grease Sheets

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  • In the Sheet
  • Lease Sheets
  • Metro-Lust Bed Sheets
  • Misty Morning Bed Sheets
  • Oh Sheet!
  • Origami Bed Sheets
  • Pillow Love Sheets
  • Puff Collective Sheets
  • Paper Bed Sheets
  • Rest Nest Sheets
  • Rumpled Sheets
  • Several Sheets
  • Sheet Happens
  • Sheet on You
  • Sheeting Bull
  • Sheeting Down
  • Sheeting It
  • Sheeting Pretty
  • Sheetly Sweet
  • Sheets Champ
  • Sheets Charm
  • Sheets Pure
  • Snooze a Bits Sheets
  • Snore More Sheets
  • Spending Bedding
  • Stable Bedding
  • Suitable Sleep Pro
  • Telling Bedding
  • The Cheerful Cover
  • The Cozy Sheets
  • The Flowered Puff Sheets Co.
  • The Parallel Bed Sheet
  • The Sheet Business
  • The Single Sheet
  • Three Sheets to the Wind
  • White Coverage Sheets
  • Yankee Yard Bed Sheets

We hope this guide will help inspiring your bedding brand. What type of a bedding company do you plan to start? Let us know in the comments section below.

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