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401+ Funny Beer Pong Team Name Ideas List to Prep for the World Series

Though the World Series of Beer Pong has been put on hold due to the pandemic, your plans of getting a team ready for it shouldn’t be delayed any longer. In fact, as celebrities / athletes like Gronk and Post Malone have already proved, you can keep your skills up by hosting virtual beer pong games on Zoom. Other reputable media sources like NPR report that beer pong outside might not be completely terrible either.

No matter how you plan to adapt your beer pong game for safer play, you can prepare for the return of more normal times by coming up with a team name first. Here are more than 401 awesome beer pong team names ideas for you to consider.

Funny Beer Pong Team Name Ideas

Beer Pong is a popular drinking game across college campuses.

Beer pong is a challenging and competitive game, but it should be fun first and foremost. To keep the vibe light, here are some funny beer pong team name ideas that should make your opponents laugh and keep things friendly most of the game.

  • Awesome Foursome
  • Last Men Standing
  • Beer Brothers
  • Brews Cruise
  • Wonder Sisters
  • Light Beer Babes
  • Sharp Shooters
  • Beer Intentions
  • Black and Brews
  • Beer-vengers
  • Victorious Secret
  • Sober Sisters
  • Purple Cobras
  • Slumdog Throwers
  • Game of Pongs
  • Game Changers
  • Clean Balls
  • Drunken Warriors
  • Tenacious D(rinkers)
  • Booze Beaters
  • Tie Breakers
  • The Cold Ones
  • Ice Ice Babies
  • Beer Pong Addicts
  • The Brewtifuls
  • Team Chuggers
  • Expert Maneuvers
  • Beer Ballers
  • Shameless Throwers
  • Party Rockers
  • The Hangover Guys
  • Hot Shots
  • Beer Bombers
  • Pong Experts
  • Booze Throwers
  • Beer Pong Boys
  • Beer Pong Gals
  • Department of Beer-ology
  • King Pong
  • Best Pitchers
  • Bouncers
  • Intoxicated Throwers
  • Pong Dunkers
  • Super Splash Bros
  • Hawk Eyes
  • Quick Throwers
  • Beer Pong Gods
  • Pong Alert
  • Sober Eyes
  • Pong Town Heroes
  • Beer Pong Monsters
  • Alcohol Killers
  • Beer Legends
  • The Flaming Dragon
  • Beer Pong Lovers
  • Winners Only
  • Victorious
  • Merrymakers
  • The Untouchaballs
  • Beer Pong Pirates
  • Donkey Pong
  • Alcohol Slayers
  • Projectile Analyzers
  • B-Pong Gang
  • The Foamy Ball Club
  • The Beer Pong Madmen
  • Pong Holics
  • Beer Pong Samurais
  • Team Boozies
  • Keg Kickers
  • Flaming Throwers

Funny Drinking Team Name Ideas

Cheers to beer pong.

You don’t need to play beer pong just to have a drinking team name. There are plenty of other drinking games like darts, corn hole, or bowling that are usually played while drinking beer too.

  • The Beer Pressure
  • Dead Liver Society
  • Drunken Masters
  • TWD: The Walking Drunkards
  • Guzzle Guys
  • Drinking Mates
  • Shot Glass Friends
  • Cocktail Club
  • Chugging Chicks
  • Shooting Stars
  • Team Hydrate
  • Refillers
  • Friday Night Hooligans
  • Pitcher Perfects
  • The Chasers
  • Weeknight Girls
  • Everyday Shots

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  • Thirsty Crew
  • Beer Brothers
  • The Gin Team
  • Vodka Mamas
  • Pantry Gang
  • Drinking Matters
  • After Work Shots
  • Frequent Drinkers
  • Thirst Quenchers
  • Weekend Nightcap
  • One More Round Crew
  • Drink 182
  • Gin and Topics
  • Beer Hours
  • Drinking Gladiators
  • Bar Hunters
  • Friday Night Booze Gang
  • Team Jagermeister
  • The Chug-ettes
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Bar Hoppers
  • Spiked Nights
  • Bombshells on Ale Street
  • Raging Alcoholics
  • Weekend Divas
  • Beer Prima Donnas
  • Wine Tasters
  • Inglorious Beer Stars
  • Mission 3 Bottles
  • The Regulars
  • Madam Secretaries
  • DC District (Drinks and Chips)
  • Cocktail Cougars
  • Wine Women’s League
  • Alcohol Knights
  • Staying Alive
  • Drinking Clique
  • Emergency Meeting
  • Bourbon Beasts
  • Professional Drunks
  • Sangria Superstars
  • Spikers
  • Weekend Aunties
  • Beer Spa
  • Drinkers Daily
  • Alcohol Smashers
  • Weekend Greeters
  • Alcohol Strong
  • Martini Misters
  • Margarita Mamas
  • Gin Gals

Beer Buddy Name Ideas

Beer Pong allows two players per team in a game.

Beer pong games can have two players in each team. If you’re going to be joining a tournament in this division, here are some beer buddy names you can use to make your relationship official. We also suggest a custom made set of matching t-shirts with the name proudly embroidered.

  • Salt and Lime
  • Clinking Duet
  • Batman and Robin
  • Bert and Ernie
  • Yin and Yang
  • Fast and Furious
  • Alcoholic Twosome
  • The Sneakies
  • The Ale Duo
  • Beer Bros
  • Malt Sisters
  • Allstar Duo
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • Night and Day
  • Fearsome Twosome
  • Drunken Duet
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • The Sober Partners
  • Double Trouble
  • The Misfits
  • Split Personalities
  • Oddballs
  • Brew Legends
  • The Intoxicated Duo
  • A Team
  • Beer Amigos
  • The Alcohol Dream Team
  • Beer Hustlers
  • Drinking Buddies
  • B-Force
  • Alcohol Elites
  • Beer Icons
  • Iconic Brews
  • Bar Rebels
  • Bar Hopping Duo
  • Bottled Soulmates
  • Parched Duo
  • Happy Twosome
  • Thirsty and Flirty
  • Drunk and Sober
  • Allstar Malt
  • Keg Pirates
  • Amber Partners
  • Celebratory Drink Duet
  • Beer Gals
  • Leather Jacket Duo
  • Drink Magicians
  • Beer Innocents
  • Lab Partners
  • Raging Spirits
  • Weekend Grinders
  • Beer Pros
  • Senior Alcoholics
  • Girl Power
  • Beer Queens
  • Charming Drunkards
  • Bubbly Duo
  • Sparkly Twosome
  • Plastered Partners
  • Hot and Spicy
  • Friday’s Partners
  • Drunken Soulmates
  • Beer Connoisseurs
  • Sweet Lips
  • Artisan Brews Brothers
  • Booze Guys
  • Ale Gals

Clever Beer Pong Team Name Ideas

Beer Pong makes use of plastic cups filled with beer.

Having a clever beer pong name should get your opponents to do a double take. Check out these apt team name ideas below.

  • Shot Droppers
  • Drunken Dunkers
  • Splash Brothers
  • Bud Wise Men
  • Balls of Fury
  • Alcohooligans
  • Fling Experts
  • Beer Pong Pitchers
  • Pong Chuckers
  • Drunk Dads
  • Plastered Pong Masters
  • Beer Benders
  • Sober Shooters
  • Winning Hands
  • Gentlemen’s Dignity
  • Beer Pong Wreckers
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Pint Downers
  • Intoxicated Gamers
  • Beer Divers
  • Friend Zone
  • Stay Winning
  • Designated Drinkers
  • The Grownups
  • Beer Pong Chillers
  • Beer Pong Maniacs
  • Pong Pu Pandas
  • Pong Raiders
  • The Flying Dutchmen
  • Peter Pong
  • The Dirty Downers
  • Team High Five
  • The Victory Project
  • Beer Blood Brothers
  • Sexy Drinkers
  • One More Bottle
  • Pour Up Gang
  • Beer Pong Chicks
  • Bounce Bros
  • Beer Belly Club
  • One Round Only
  • Beer Fiesta
  • Amber Eyes
  • Accurate Shooters
  • Fearless Shooters
  • Super Ballers
  • Pro Chuggers
  • No Pong Intended
  • Quick Gulpers
  • Precision Sisters
  • Pong Leaders
  • Beer Pong Professionals
  • Beer Pong Degree Holders
  • Fear No Beers
  • Winning Team
  • Victorious Drinkers
  • The Sexy Ones
  • Beer Weekenders
  • Team Lager
  • High on Beer Pong Crew
  • Coors Troops
  • Accuracy Pros
  • Party Chicks
  • Cold Service
  • Beer Pong Shenanigans
  • Smart Drunks
  • Precise Shooters

Badass Beer Pong Name Ideas

Make sure to know your limits before playing Beer Pong.

If you want to intimidating your opponents is your mission these badass beer pong names should do the trick.

  • Plastic Cup Assassins
  • Long Armed Freaks
  • Snake Eyes
  • We Don’t Miss
  • Beer It On
  • Overtime Girls
  • Bottoms Up
  • Beer Pong Slayers
  • Beer Conquerors
  • Pong Heroes
  • First Placers
  • Champion Shooters
  • We Booze
  • Beer Victors
  • Beer Pong Panthers
  • Booze Priorities
  • Top Dogs
  • Team Black Out
  • Drunken Survivors
  • Beer Pong Masters
  • Numero Uno
  • Competition Annihilators
  • Team Blitzkrieg
  • Brewmasters
  • The Beer Force
  • Game Butchers
  • Beer Pong Defenders
  • The Winning Division
  • The Beer Pong Pack
  • In It To Win It
  • Victory Enforcers
  • Competition Starters
  • Beer Pong Ghouls
  • Hell’s Angels
  • Beer Pong Busters
  • Lethal Shots
  • Winning Machine
  • The Beer Pong Mercenaries
  • Pong Wolves
  • Beer Pong Alphas
  • One Shot Killers
  • Game Slayers
  • Round Takers
  • Soul Suckers
  • Beer Pong Crushers
  • Beer Pong Warriors
  • Soldier Boys
  • No Losers
  • Alcoholics
  • Pong Terminators
  • Beer Saviors
  • Badass Drinkers
  • Blazing Brews
  • Fighting Spirits
  • The Horsemen of The Apocalypse
  • Kickers
  • Team Frontliners
  • Cup Thrashers
  • Alcohol Riders
  • Game Divas
  • Intimidators
  • Beer Thugs
  • The Desperados
  • The Pong Gangsters
  • Beer Pong Veterans
  • Beer Pong Raiders
  • Team Nightmare
  • Beer Pong Champions

Beer Olympics Team Name Ideas

Beer Pong competitions provide cash prizes.

  • Zero Risk
  • Adrenaline Advocates
  • Beer Pong Royals
  • Victory Achievers
  • Competition Exterminators
  • Alcoholic Influencers
  • Beer Pong Mafia
  • Alcoholic Legacy
  • Risk Takers
  • Adrenaline Junkies
  • The Beer Pong A-List
  • Pong Professionals
  • Mad Men
  • Beer Pythons
  • Alcohol Sharks
  • Pong Strikers
  • Beer Bosses
  • Winning Company
  • The Ringleaders
  • Victory Fighters
  • Victory Elites
  • Beer Pong Fixers
  • General Throwers
  • The Hive
  • Impressive Throwers
  • Beer Pong Pros
  • Pong Prodigies
  • The Winning Ones
  • Beer Leaders
  • Beer Circus
  • Winning Masterminds
  • The B (Beer) Class
  • The Outsiders
  • Top Pong Throwers
  • Unbeatable Men
  • Boss Bros
  • Urban Legends
  • Unlimited Wins
  • Bad Girlz
  • Pong Angels
  • Beer Saints
  • Pong Charmers
  • Divine Interventions
  • Red Cup Masters
  • Beer Pong Gurus
  • Dancing Alcoholics
  • Beer Club
  • Dream Divas
  • The Untouchables
  • The Fabulous Duo
  • Fantastic Duet
  • Alcohol Power
  • Super Girls
  • Golden Eagles
  • Beer Pong Swag
  • Sober Heart Throbs
  • Winning Charm
  • Twin Jades
  • Beer Pong Rascals
  • Pussy Cats
  • Beer Pong Vixens
  • The Bad Boys
  • Cobra Pong
  • Code Red
  • Typhoon Devils
  • Low-key Masters
  • Amber Stallions

Beer Pong Fun Facts

Before the World Series of Beer Pong held annually in Las Vegas, there were friendly beer pong games on a college campuses or a few local bars. This game is believed to have been invented between 1950 to 1960 at college fraternity houses.

Here’s how you play the game. A player from each end of an 8-foot ping pong table (the standard size for beer pong matches) tries to shoot a ball into their opponent’s cups which are filled three-quarters of the way with beer. If the ball lands in the cup, the opponent must drink from the beer in cup and remove it from the table. The player who wipes out all of their opponent’s cups wins the game.

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Though the rules may have changed through the years, especially since there are some health issues when it comes to the ball passing different hands and landing on the ground, beer pong continues to be a popular drinking game. The World Series of Beer Pong in particular is getting much attention for the cash prizes they give out to the winners. For instance, in 2019, team Troop Unchained won $100,000 in the World Series of Beer Pong. If you’re good enough, the game can be quite lucrative.

Joining beer pong games is a great way to have fun while drinking and make new friends. If you’re planning to join an upcoming competition, now is your chance to pick a team name and practice shooting skills at home. All you need to start practicing are ping pong balls, plastic cups, and table. Oh yeah, and a couple dozen ice cold cans of light beer like Busch Light or Coors Light. Game on!

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