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401 (Not Lame) Greeting Card Company Name Ideas for 2021

Believe it or not, printed greeting cards are still a big business. Greeting cards in the United States have an annual retail sales between $7 – $8 billion. This means there’s still a strong customer base of millions that buy and send greeting cards for holidays, graduations, weddings, and birthdays every single year.

There’s always a reason to send a card beyond the most popular like Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s day. Newer holidays like grandparents’ day, nurse’s day, bosses day, pride day, book lover’s day, and other occasions ensure there’s reason to buy a new card every month.

If you’re starting on a greeting card company, it’s important to start with a catchy name so you can stand out from the competition. Below are some name ideas you can use for a greeting card business organized by specialty.

Greeting Card Company Name Ideas

Greeting cards are also like giving gifts.

  • Hello Stranger and Co.
  • Cheers!
  • Lovely Daisy Designs
  • Flip Cards
  • Moment Makers
  • Hello Originals
  • Paper Man Inc.
  • Blue Designs
  • Bella Studios
  • Gentle Mornings Inc.
  • Wide Smiles Studios
  • Hopeful Designs
  • Shared Hugs
  • Touching Moments
  • The Owlery
  • Heaven Sent Studios
  • Little Paw Press
  • Bright Lights
  • Four Seasons
  • Everyday Cheer Designs
  • Custom Cheers
  • Me and You Designs
  • Imagination Printing Press
  • Loud Expressions
  • Clear Lines Collection
  • Memory Lane Greeting Cards
  • Charmed Cards
  • Across Oceans Studios
  • Inspired Words
  • Precious Memories Inc.
  • Word Festival Designs
  • Banana Peel Cards
  • Word Toasts
  • Happy Artists and Co.
  • Figure of Speech Designs
  • Everyday Greetings
  • Color Me Happy
  • Head in the Clouds
  • Paper Love
  • Blissful Moments
  • Word Monsters
  • Watermelon Designs
  • Sweet Memories Inc.
  • Living It Up!
  • Word Power Inc.
  • Making Memories Studios
  • Uplifters
  • Happy Cards
  • Cupid’s Works
  • Word Fusion Inc.

Funny Greeting Card Company Name Ideas

Make someone laugh with a funny greeting card.

  • Happy Trails Designs
  • Trendy Words Co.
  • The Only Printing Press
  • Gags and More
  • ROFL Cards
  • Sincere Words Designs
  • Heavy Greetings
  • Gentle Words and Co.
  • Noisy Cards
  • Howdy Harry Designs
  • Quick Words Inc.
  • Proper Greetings
  • Salutations and More
  • Mutual Agreements
  • The Polite Kite Studios
  • G’day Mates!

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  • Cackling Artists
  • Looks Familiar Cards
  • Giggling Cards
  • Congrats Printing Press
  • Weepy Words
  • The Funny Bone
  • Laughs and Gags Cards
  • Tickles and More
  • Cheerful Cheetah Designs
  • Welcoming Greeting Cards
  • Strong Heart Press
  • Pieces of Advice
  • Puns for Gags Inc.
  • Greeting Card Advisors
  • Giggles and Jiggles Designs
  • Recovery Time Press
  • Ha Ha Ha Greetig Cards
  • Gut Busting Greeting Cards
  • Teasing Words Inc.
  • The Courteous Joker
  • Polite Hellos
  • The Funny Ones
  • Strange Greetings
  • Comic Relievers
  • Keep Laughing Designs
  • Snicker Doodles
  • Parody Designs
  • Tee Hee Studios
  • Hoot Designs
  • Laugh Galore Inc.
  • Ridiculous Greeting Cards
  • Funny Bunnies
  • Just Jests
  • Witty Printing Press

List of Greeting Card Companies

Add greeting cards to your usual gifts to brighten up someone’s day.

  • Hallmark Cards
  • American Greetings
  • Black Lamb Studio
  • Food for Thoughts Cards
  • Frankie & Claude
  • Emily McDowell & Friends
  • Bergen Place
  • Rifle Paper Co
  • Animal Charm Designs
  • Hello Small World
  • Fresh Out of Ink
  • Huckleberry Letterpress Co.
  • The Paper Hatchet
  • Lovepop
  • Heartstrings Card Company
  • Warner Press
  • Avanti Press
  • Leanin’ Tree
  • One Canoe Two
  • Moonpig
  • Shade Tree Greetings
  • Tiny Prints
  • Saltwater and Feathers
  • The Mincing Mockingbird
  • Amber Lotus
  • Viabella
  • Blue Mountain Arts
  • Snafu Designs
  • Gallant Greetings
  • Artists to Watch
  • Calypso Cards
  • Oatmeal Studios
  • Mixed Blessings, Inc.
  • Gallery Collection
  • P.S. Greetings, Inc.
  • Punchbowl
  • Comstock Cards
  • Noble Works Cards
  • Kate Harper Designs
  • The Photobox Group
  • Designer Greetings
  • Current, Inc.
  • Clever Cards
  • Dayspring Greeting Cards
  • PrintzWare
  • Dromadaire
  • Papier
  • Card Isle
  • Seltzer Goods
  • Touchnote
  • Open Me
  • Archies Online
  • iGreet
  • Visual Xplosion
  • Quilling Card

Yard Card Name Ideas

Yard cards are perfect for outdoor parties since the signage is big and bold.

  • Big Signs
  • Big Words
  • Spotted
  • Backyardigans
  • Humongous Greetings
  • Meet My Yard
  • Large Letters
  • Yard Care
  • Lawn Fillers
  • Sign Enthusiasts
  • Dolled Up Yards
  • Enhanced
  • Furnished Greetings
  • Hello People
  • Word Ornaments
  • Graced
  • Happy Yard Greetings
  • Large Presence
  • Big Welcome
  • Pretty Letters
  • Yard Paper
  • Do Over
  • Giant Greetings
  • Loud Greetings
  • Yard Salutations
  • Surprise Guest

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  • Obvious Decors
  • Colorful Greetings
  • Festive Greetings
  • Unconventional Greetings
  • Warm Welcome
  • Loud Hellos
  • The Loud Company
  • Greeting Buddies
  • Jumbo Designs
  • Loud Crafts
  • Festive Designs
  • Mr. Big
  • Colossal Greetings
  • Gigantic Hellos
  • A Mile Away
  • Noticeable Letters
  • Recognizable Festivities
  • Stop and Stare
  • Enormous Hellos
  • Name Game
  • Welcome Home
  • Big Reception
  • Cheery Greetings
  • Elephant Signs

Happy Birthday Greeting Card Ideas

Send a greeting card for a friend’s birthday.

  • Natal Day Greetings
  • Birthday Blowout Designs
  • Birthday Bash Greeting Cards
  • Name Day Greetings
  • Birthmark Studios
  • Present Day Cards
  • Born To Be Awesome Designs
  • Blossomed Greetings
  • Special Day Designs
  • Birth Rights Designs
  • Roots Greeting Cards
  • Birthday Blast Designs
  • Remembrance Days Designs
  • Ceremonial Greetings
  • Happy Name Day Designs
  • Name Day Festivities Prints
  • Birthday Hullabaloos
  • Present Day Memory
  • Birthday Moments
  • Birthday Cake Designs
  • Memento Days
  • New Day New Year Designs
  • Cherished Life Greetings
  • Birthday Keepsakes Designs
  • Yay for Today Greeting Cards
  • Greeting Presents
  • Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Candle Blowers Day Greetings
  • Happy Day Designs
  • Happy First Cry Greetings
  • Wonder Day Cards
  • Smiles Today Greeting Cards
  • Caked Greetings
  • Joyful Day Designs
  • Fantastic Days Greeting Cards
  • Best Day Designs
  • Happy Returns Designs
  • Anni-Birth-Sary Cards
  • Level Up Designs
  • Survivor Greeting Cards
  • Counting Candles Greetings
  • Awesome Presents Designs
  • Love Today Designs
  • Long Life Greetings
  • Special Candles Greetings
  • One More Year Designs
  • Fulfilling Life Greetings
  • World Debut Day Designs
  • Challenge Accepted Greetings
  • Fantastic Birthday Cards

New Year’s Greeting Card Ideas

Clink glasses and send greeting cards to friends as you welcome the new year.

  • Party! Party!
  • New Craze Designs
  • Happy Years Greetings
  • Firework Madness Designs
  • Clink! Press
  • Party Elephant Designs
  • Prosperous Days Greeting Cards
  • Adventure Days Ahead Designs
  • Smashing Festivities Designs
  • 3-6-5 Days Greeting Cards
  • Forever Happiness Designs
  • Beautiful New Years
  • Snowfall Greetings
  • New Wings Designs
  • Successful Greetings
  • Fresh Success Designs
  • Joyous Days Greeting Cards
  • Champagne Bubbles Designs
  • Amazing Years
  • DJ’s Greeting Spins
  • Festive Streamers Designs
  • Sparkling Greetings
  • Glitzy Greetings
  • Fortune Cookie Cards
  • Dancefloor Language
  • Day 1 Greetings
  • Word Poppers
  • Pretty Confetti
  • Glitter Greeting Cards
  • Winter Dreams Designs
  • Beautiful Years
  • Good Fortune Greeting Cards
  • Warm Winter Wishes
  • Sparkly Wishes Designs
  • Bright Eyed Greetings
  • Take Flight Designs
  • Magnificent Years Cards
  • Blessed New Years
  • Peaceful Days Designs
  • New Success Cards
  • Hearty Words
  • NY Wishes Greeting Cards
  • Great Years Designs
  • Spectacular Years
  • Best of the Best Designs
  • Big Dreams Designs
  • Warm Hugs Greeting Cards
  • Word Shots Greeting Cards
  • Sweet NYs
  • Carefree Days Designs

Holiday Greeting Card Ideas

Exchange holiday greeting cards with your loved ones.

  • Jovial Greetings
  • Magical Holidays Designs
  • HoliDaze Greeting Cards
  • Blissful Holiday Designs
  • Wonderful Holiday Creations
  • Great Holiday Perfections
  • Happy Holidays Greeting Cards
  • Perfect Greetings
  • Healthy Days
  • Joyful Greetings and Designs
  • Merrymakers
  • Loving Expressions
  • Warm Phrases
  • Daily Celebrations
  • Spirit Warmers
  • Loved Words
  • Brighter Days Designs
  • Joyous Holiday Designs
  • Peacemakers
  • Warm Cheers
  • Warm Wishes
  • Glad Tidings Designs
  • Comfort Season
  • Yuletide Charm
  • Soul Healers
  • Shared Blessings
  • Best Holiday Wishes
  • Warm Expressions
  • Best Years
  • Word Wonderland
  • Holiday Cheers
  • Jolly Holiday Greetings
  • Fruit Cake Designs
  • Festive Expressions
  • Wonderful Phrases
  • Holiday Endeavors
  • Hopeful Greetings
  • Opportunistic Greeting Cards
  • Dreamlike Daze
  • Holiday Flames
  • The Holiday Project
  • Holiday Whispers
  • Best Holidays
  • Heart’s Desires
  • Holiday Feelings
  • Celebrating You
  • Touched Expressions
  • Written Gifts
  • Market Me
  • My Emotions Greeting Cards

Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

Make Christmas special with a greeting card.

  • Gingerbread Designs
  • Spiced Up Greetings
  • Shining Star Designs
  • Christmas Hugs
  • First Snow Creations
  • Greeting Hauls
  • Inspiring Expressions Designs
  • Everything Merry Greeting Cards
  • Christmas Cheers
  • Pleasant Greetings
  • Bright Lights Greeting Cards
  • Green Tree Expressions
  • Snowflake Creations
  • Aspire Greeting Cards
  • Happy Yule Designs
  • Christmas Relaxation
  • Gleeful Expressions
  • Prosperity Cheers
  • Santa’s Cookies
  • Precious Christmas Cheer
  • Cheerful Solstice
  • Milk and Cookies
  • Chimney Surprises
  • Mistletoe Greetings
  • Festive Vacations
  • Delightful Greetings
  • Extraordinary Joys
  • Festive Airs
  • Christmas Yearnings
  • Red Ball Designs
  • Cheery Expressions
  • Season’s Glories
  • Miracle Days
  • Word Feast
  • Red Stockings Greeting Cards
  • Anticipated Bliss
  • Marvelous Christmas Cheer
  • Happy Presents
  • Overflowing Cheer
  • Word Wreaths
  • Christmas Bond Greeting Cards
  • Red Ribbon Designs
  • Sugarcane Greetings
  • Christmas Luck
  • Greeting Adornments
  • Word Lanterns
  • Angelic Gifts
  • White Greetings
  • Reindeer Vibes
  • Joyful Bells Designs

Greeting cards continue to be a “positive trend” folks still enjoy being delivered in the mail. Now that we’re more connected through social media, it’s easier to remember anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays that you might not remember. These reminders on social media can actually boost greeting card sales for your business.

When digital greeting cards first came out there was speculation the printed greeting card could go the way of the dinosaur. Fortunately, that never happened. While there’s nothing wrong with sending a digital card, the experience is not the same as having a note delivered by to your mail box using a stamp. Printed greeting cards sent in the mail represent a higher level of care for the recipient.

It takes time to write a personalized note with a pen, address an envelope, find a stamp, and put it in the mailbox. As a result of the effort involved, people perceive a mailed greeting cards as being more thoughtful. There’s also a sense of nostalgia triggered when people get card. If you want the message to be remembered, print is still the way to go.

We hope this list of  greeting card company name ideas helps inspire your brand. The right business plan combined with creativity in the cards you create, you’ll be on your way to building a successful greeting card brand.

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