88 Hand-Picked Dairy Farm Name Ideas You Can Use

Do you own a new farm? Wondering what to call it now that your dairy farming dream has finally taken off? This is actually one of the things that new dairy farmers stress about most when they buy their first dairy farm.

Naming your dairy farm is a particularly important decision, as your dairy farm’s name is your brand and one of the most important assets beyond the cattle themselves. And with over 40,000 dairy farms across the US, according to Hoard’s Dairyman, you need to make sure your farm stands out from the herd.

Deciding on your brand can be a make-or-break decision facing all business owners, and for dairy farmers, it’s even more important. Having your brand be easily recognized is as important as the quality milk you are producing for consumption. You need it to be easily recognizable, memorable, and easy to repeat, so regular customers can more easily share the message with their friends.

So let’s get down to it and dig into the name suggestions we have come up with for your dairy farm:

Funny Dairy Farm Names

Life on the diary farm.

Everyone loves a laugh, and having a funny name for your dairy farm can make it so much more memorable for those that are going to buy your produce. Everyone knows that famous processed cheese brand that has become one of the most popular in the world, and the comical logo it uses.

Having a funny name is not only a great way to be remembered, but can be an enjoyable way to promote your brand too, especially if you have a funny logo to go with it. People love to laugh, and funny names always get the kids laughing, and they remember as well. And who do you think has the most influence when it comes to parents buying produce? Make the kids laugh, and they will remember your brand, and then pester their parents to buy it. So here are our ideas for funny names for your dairy farm:

  • Happy Cows
  • Stepping in Cowpie
  • The Herd Mentality
  • I Herd You
  • Animal Farm
  • We Got Milk
  • Milk It!
  • Barn Free
  • More Moo
  • Milk Made
  • Dairy Round Up
  • Muddy Moos
  • Crazy Cows
  • The Milky Haystack
  • Harness the Herd
  • Cows with Milk
  • The Milk Ranch
  • Ain’t No Bull
  • Done Milkin’
  • The Dairy Heir
  • Daisy’s Dipper
  • The Milk Churn
  • The Milky Whey
  • The Dairy Bean
  • Milky Shores
  • The Drunken Cow
  • Frosted Cow
  • Not Yet Yogurt
  • Legen-Dairy
  • Udderly Milky
  • The Cow’s Udders
  • The Udder Dairy Farm
  • Udder the Weather
  • Milk ‘Em Dry
  • Grazin’ Around
  • Grassy Fields
  • Past Your Eyes Milk Farm
  • The Laughing Stock
  • Moo-tated Milk
  • Moo-sical Cows
  • Spilt Milk
  • Cowabunga
  • The Dairy Cowncil
  • The Pint of No Return
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Partners in Cream
  • Cream of Passion
  • The Milk Sheik
  • Play Your Curds Right
  • Lactose Tolerant
  • Cow Company

Organic Dairy Farm Names

Pleasant pasture.

If you are looking to try out a name that is a little more traditional, then there are thousands of options open to you in a variety of themes. If you are looking for a good name for an organic dairy farm, though, having the word “organic” in the title is a great way to promote the fact that your milk is safe to drink.

Alternatively, you can make the idea more subtle by including words like “free range” and “natural” in the name. This gives the same impression of being healthier and better for consumption. And everyone these days is looking to be a little healthier. Here is our list of organic ideas for dairy farm names:

  • Daisy’s Organic Dairy
  • Free Range Cows
  • Oak Tree Dairy
  • Home on the Range
  • True Taste Organic
  • Prestige Organic Dairy
  • Natural Cows Dairy Farm
  • Rolling Range Ranch
  • Organic Pastures
  • Riverbend Dairy Farm
  • Shady Acres Dairy Farm
  • Open Fields Farm
  • Freedom Creek Organic Dairy
  • Nature’s Dairy Farm
  • Ye Olde Daerye Farme
  • Branded Cow Dairy Farm
  • Really Fresh Dairy Farm
  • The Organic Milk Maker
  • The Ethical Dairy Farm

Goat Dairy Farm Names

A refreshing glass of goat milk.

Cows are not the only animals used for milk, and for those with a little more adventure in their blood, owning a goat dairy farm is a growing part of the milk industry that’s grown 60% since the 1990s. As with any company, you want to get your message across, and develop a recognized brand within your industry.

  • Goatherds Goat Farm
  • The Dairy-Free Dairy
  • Goat’s Milk Cheese
  • Angora Acres
  • Just Kid-ding
  • Nanny Goats Milk Farm
  • The Man with La Manchas
  • The Goatee Dairy Farm
  • Chamois Goat’s Milk Farm
  • Damascus Dairy Farm
  • Cashmere Dairy Farm
  • Butting Heads Dairy Farm
  • High Horns Goat Farm
  • Billy Goat’s Farm
  • Bearded Billy’s Goat Dairy
  • Billy the Kid’s
  • Here We Goat
  • Hill-Billy Goat Farm
  • Mountain Goats Dairy Farm

How to Name Your Dairy Farm

Empty milk containers lined up and ready to be filled.

Branding your dairy farm is one of the most important steps for a food or beverage business. More often than not, the branding is the only unique characteristic to consumers. Your brand says a lot about you and what you are providing, and the care you give your animals.

And while you can join the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and have the milk sold for you, with more than 13,000 other farmers you’ll still want to take the time to differentiate yourself.

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An easy option for naming a farm is to use something that is around you that is well known in your location. An ancient tree that grows on your land or a certain well-known geographical feature is a great way to be more easily remembered in the local marketplace. The Ancient Oak or Forest Ridge Dairy Farm will always be remembered with locals.

Impact is an important aspect of branding, but what you name your farm does not always have anything to do with its success. However, while there is not just one RIGHT name, there are PLENTY of wrong ones. You just need to understand what will work and what won’t. You need to consider what you want your dairy farm brand to stand for, and name it appropriately.

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You should also be wary of using the family name in branding. Sometimes, without realizing it, you can find that your family name has other implications than dairy farms. After all, you wouldn’t want to name your dairy farm “Angus’ Farm” (from the Aberdeen Angus used in beef production) or “Goddard’s” (an old name derived from the medieval goatherds). Other, more obvious names can also give your brand a different meaning than being about dairy farming.

There are a few good rules of thumb to bear in mind when naming your dairy farm. The name should really be short enough to be easily memorable, which also means it should be different, or clever. Check the farms in your area, and try and avoid being called something similar to someone else. And make sure the name is easy to pronounce. No point naming your farm Aoibheann (pronounced ay-veen) Dairy Farm if no-one knows how to say it. You’ll just become “that farm with the weird name.”

Overall, your name choice can be funny and memorable, and can be heritage, mission, or product related. Or it can be related to a location, a famous landmark, or something else that will be easily remembered. Just avoid calling it the Cow Pat! If you want to dive deeper into this subject read the 25-Step Plan to Make Your Food Product a Reality.

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