99 High-Profit Name Ideas for Vape or Smoke Shops

Planning to start a vape or smoke shop? This is a low-barrier to entry business model you’ll want to understand before opening.

From a startup perspective, it will cost anywhere from $28,000 – $60,000 on average to get open the doors to a small shop according to the VapeMentors website. The appealing combination of low-startup cost paired with high potential profits. According to the TaboccoPolicyCenter.org, tobacco sales add $575,000 in revenue for the average convenience store per year.

The high profit potential paired with simple operations makes this model extremely appealing from a financial standpoint, helping to make these specialty shops one of the rare bright spots in the retail industry.

But don’t let big sales numbers and industry growth from the last decade cloud your judgement. This is an industry that will experience tough challenges in the coming years.

Just call her smoky.

First is the competition. In my area of Southern California, you can find retail tobacco stores in just about every strip mall. These tiny retail are literally everywhere and don’t make any effort to differentiate themselves. You only need to look as far as this business broker website to see the result. Nearby I found a couple smoke shops listed for sale below $200,000. I’d imagine you could negotiate even better terms on these deals after discussing with a broker.

There are also factors such as declining smoking rates in the United States and increased competition from online retailers that will hurt small stores reliant on foot traffic. If you don’t have the ambition to build a real brand or offer unique experience at your little smoke smoke, I think it will be a tough business longterm.

All this being said, the tobacco industry has always had a knack for evolving with the times. Some of the latest innovations even help customers kick the habit for cigarettes through vaping. Bottom line, there will continue to be addressable market for these products in the foreseeable future.

With that here’s our list of 99 vape shop names that are still available for use. From the pure trash to the totally cringeworthy, names of vape shops have taken a new form from the days compared cigar shops of yesteryear. Here’s our list of 99 vape shop names still available for use that will distinguish your store from local competitors:

The Best Vape Shop Names

Vapes come in almost any color and size you can imagine.

While there are thousands of vape shops out there, it does not mean the best names are already taken. Vape shop names have always had a typically strange and weird vibe to them, with many shops hinging on the word “vape” at least somewhere in their names.

You don’t have to use the word vape, but it does give an insight into what you are actually selling. And this is important in a business that has had some trouble over the years in being recognized as a serious industry. So while you do not have to use the word vape in the name, it does help make it more obvious what you’ll be selling.

  • The Vape Shop
  • Vape Station
  • Vapor Station
  • The Vappe Shoppe
  • Vape Emporium
  • The Village Vape
  • Vape World
  • Vape City
  • The Vape Escape
  • The Vape Shack
  • The Vapor Lab
  • Vapor Caper
  • Vaporizing
  • Vapeology
  • Silver Lining Vapors
  • Nouvelle Vapor
  • Vape Aisles
  • Vape Vital
  • Vapor Breath
  • Vape Fix
  • Vertigo Vape
  • Sumek vape
  • Mistype
  • Omega puff
  • Skyvape Stores

Funny Vape Shop Name Ideas

Vaping in the park.

Giving your vape shop a funny name is nothing new, but it can make you more recognizable locally. Puns have always been a good strategy for certain markets when looking at being recognized and remembered. Here are a few punny names you can use for your new vape shop.

  • The Coughieshop
  • The Great Evape
  • Semi-Smokeless
  • Escape with Vape
  • Evape-orate
  • Inhale Industries
  • Something Smokeless
  • Vaporize
  • E-CIGination
  • Nicokwit
  • Achivapor
  • Easeup Vapors
  • Change Mist
  • Ten4 Vapors
  • WiseWaft
  • ButtKickz
  • E-Nurf
  • eVaporlution
  • Allummine
  • Beta Habit
  • Sniff Vape Store
  • Gustovape
  • Cigerave
  • Vapierres
  • Metravape

Vape E-Commerce Store Name Ideas

Vaping on a roof.

Vaping is big business. With some areas being more strict on vaping, the rise of the vape e-commerce store has outgrown the physical stores to provide a convenient way to get your new vapes and juices without leaving the comfort of your home.

The advent of e-commerce stores made ordering products easily, and now, it is so easy to open your own e-commerce vape store that they are cropping up all over the internet. And with a wider variety of stock available on the e-commerce platforms, you have a wider range of choices and offer lower prices.

So if you’re considering an online store, here are some great name ideas that can help expand your addressable market globally.

  • VapeX
  • Vape Samurai
  • Vape Street
  • Vaper Beach
  • Vape Cloud
  • VapeMan
  • Vape Team
  • Vaping Club
  • Mr. Vape
  • King Of Vape
  • Vape Guru
  • Vapita
  • Vape Galaxy
  • Vape Planet
  • IVape
  • Doctor Vape
  • VapeMachine
  • Rainbow Vape
  • PearlVape
  • BluePeak Vapors
  • Kush Kingdom
  • Summitvape
  • Empyrean Vape
  • Vapevine
  • Vapourscent

Smoke Shop Name Ideas

A pack of Marlboro brand cigarettes.

Smoke shops do have a somewhat different clientele these days to that which they used to. Once, a smoke shop was merely somewhere to get tobacco products, new pipes, and cigarette smoking accessories. Now, smoke shops sell a whole lot more, including the sale of paraphernalia for smoking cannabis and marijuana and e-cig and vaping accessories.

You can often find a wide variety of hookahs, grinders, vaporizers, accessories, e-juice, pipes, and lots more in today’s smoke shops. Here are a selection of suggestions that make ideal names for smoke shops.

  • Smoke Depot
  • The Chiefin’ Reef
  • The Joint
  • The Smoke
  • Old Smokey
  • Smoker’s Den
  • Green Smoke
  • The Smoke Market
  • Smokin’ Hot
  • The Smoke Studio
  • Smart Smoker
  • Smoke Stars
  • Smoker’s Place
  • Smokin’ Deals
  • Pipes-R-Us
  • Smoke Bazaar
  • The Pipe Emporium
  • The Smoke Shack
  • Tobac-Go
  • Foggy Bottom
  • Bayou Smokers
  • Smoke n Toke
  • Best Baccy
  • Toe-bacco

Vaping Terminology

If you want to break into the industry, it’s essential to understand the lingo. E-cigarettes are often called Vape, Swisher, Dawg, Vaporettes, E-cigs, PVs (personal Vaporizer), ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems), mech mods, electronic modules, and even more names will be invented in time.

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To keep up with the terminology of vaping, you have to understand the various items that are used when vaping. It is after all, not just an e-cigarette anymore. It is a whole vaporizing system that requires a number of different and interchangeable parts in order for it to work.

From terms like hit, which has been around since the earliest days of smoking and toking, to new terms such as atomizer, Carto, Cartomizer, Cartridges, Carts, E-Juice, E-Liquid, E-Smoke, E Smoker, etc. Even such chemical compounds as Propylene Glycerol and vegetable Glycerine have become common terms in the vaping community.

Types of Vapes

An e-cigarrette.

Vaping began with the old-style e-cigarette, designed to help people stop smoking and looking just like a normal cigarette, even down to the colored filters. The very first electronic vaporizer was developed in 1927, according to an article in The Insider, but was only designed to deliver medical compounds.

While Herbert E. Gilbert is credited with inventing the first device to emulate the modern e-cigarettes, it was not until 2003 that Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist working for Golden Dragon Holdings, created the first vape device that we know today.

The two main types of vapes are the electronic vape and the mechanical mod:

The electronic is the most popular, and often considered to be the safest. The electronic vape uses a system that has its own control circuit board, like most electronic accessories, that has safety controls and cutoff systems. Most also use tanks to deliver the smoke, vaporizing it safely inside the tank over the coils that are built in. And the batteries are built in, with charging ports like mobile phones.

The mechanical mod is often considered to be less safe, as it has no safety controls, no electronic cutoffs, and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And the battery has to be removed to be charged. Mech mods, as they are known, use a simple circuit from the battery to run current through a coil and wick system, soaked in e-juice, to provide the vapor for consumption.

These mech mods can also be customized to each individual’s preference, and use removable and interchangeable parts, coils, wicks, and contacts for the battery.

There’s a lot to learn, but if this is a community you’re passionate about serving and can build a community around owning a retail smoke shop could be right for you.

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