Vietnamese Last Names Idea

599+ Vietnamese Last Names


The last names existed in Vietnam from 111 BC to date, the beginning of thousands of years of the long occupation of the country by the Han kingdom in China. Whatever your purpose may be, we are always at your service and today we have brought together both traditional andRead More →

Jewish Last Names

300+ Jewish Last Names


The existence of Jewish Last names was documented in world history for the first time in the 11th century. In comparison to that Jewish surnames came into being a bit later. It was only after the 15th century that the Jewish people started adopting family names. Before the 15th century,Read More →

Gnome Names

400+ Gnome Names Ideas


Does Paracelsus’ species of alchemies – the Gnome Names- really deserve an appearance in structured-yet-open-ended multi-player role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons? What is gnomes’ function in D&D? Listen voice of your Dungeon Master to script the story of fascinating adventure as a character with the sincerest and cheekiest spirit –Read More →

Tiefling Names

300+ Tiefling Names Ideas


Tieflings are plane-touched humanoids that made their first appearance in D & D 3rd edition. If you are searching for tiefling names with the coolest lore and an enigmatic spellcasting skill, then tiefling is the choice for you? Have you already shortlisted an enthralling class to represent your character inRead More →

300+ Giant Names


Who is the strongest Giant in Greek mythology? What are the names that mean giant?  Giant names are incredibly massive creatures who imitate humans and are described in mythologies all over the world. A giant may reflect either a powerful deity or a majestic and devastating force of nature that informs humansRead More →

Bard names

300+ Bard Names Ideas


Are you searching for some fantasy Bard names to be used for your role-playing game? It is an essential truth that a name can describe you. The name plays a vital role in the development of a person’s personality. The character’s name usually reveals a lot about him or her. Many thingsRead More →