Thinking about starting a blog covering vegetarian or plant-based eating? According to one national survey there are 8 million people over the age of 18 in the United States with a solely vegetarian diet. Considering the increasing number of plant-based meat alternatives and movements like Meatless Monday, creating a publication that caters to full and…Read More →



Marketing your business these days goes beyond printing flyers, hanging up posters by your shop window or reinvesting your restaurant profits into local TV and radio commercials. The most successful restauranteurs understand the important of modern marketing channels like social media and creating a brand that’s share worthy. If you’re planning to open an independent…Read More →



Prior to the mobile web, the internet cafe was a welcome sight for business travelers needing a place to access the internet to check email or recharge a phone. While the number of  cyber cafes have declined in recently years with broadband internet access becoming more widely available there’s still a practical case for this…Read More →