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Be a Fashion Designer Like Coco Chanel

The fashion industry is very competitive. If you want to get your foot in the door, you need to sharpen your skills through a degree program. 

You can either choose to earn a bachelor’s or an associate degree in fashion design, where you can take fashion courses. These courses can vary from pattern making, figure drawing, history of fashion, etc.    

You can also choose to accomplish degrees in fashion merchandising, where they will train you for a job. This curriculum covers product development, retail management, consumer characteristics, retail sales promotion, merchandise planning, etc.

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

As a fashion designer, you will be designing clothing and fashion ranges. You may work in high-street fashion, ready-to-wear fashion, or high fashion. 

Most often, designers specialise in certain types of clothing such as sportswear, children’s, women’s, and men’s.

The designer’s role includes predicting or analysing trends in colours, shapes, and fabrics, working on design instructions, developing basic shapes using patterns, and creating concept and mood boards. 

Designers may also be involved in creating in-house presentations, supervising the production of sample clothing items, and estimating costs for manufacture and materials.

Most often, designers will work closely with sample machinists and garment technologists. Sometimes they are also responsible for liaising with manufacturers to ensure that designs are perfectly reproduced.

What Do You Need to Become a Fashion Designer?

If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer, you should have a good eye for shape and colour. You will need some skills such as sewing and pattern cutting. It is also essential that you know how to spot trends. Having a higher education qualification is also relevant. Fashion courses that teach technical and design skills can provide you with the practical knowledge needed to work in the fashion industry.

Hone Your Skills with Hands-On Experience

To hone your skills required in executing a design from a simple idea right down to the finished product, you need to practice outside of the classroom. 

You can achieve hands-on experience by getting yourself involved in an internship program with a personal stylist, clothing manufacturer, or design firm. Additionally, you can gain more understanding if you volunteer for a fashion house.

Know the Business of Fashion

Behind the creative glamour of the fashion industry is the insight required to keep the business going. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you also familiarise yourself with what is happening behind the scenes. This is aside from understanding the creative side of the field. For instance, marketing, sales, and finance, especially if you plan to have your own fashion business.

Create Your Portfolio

As a future fashion designer, you can show off your talent to your potential employers by putting together a portfolio that showcases your skills and creativity. 

You can include the work that you have done during your degree program in your portfolio. That is why you need to work hard on every assignment knowing that you will be showing this to your future boss. 

Your portfolio will allow you to show off different skills such as pattern making, sewing, and sketching.

Be Up to Date with the Latest Trends

It is essential to know that the fashion industry keeps on changing from season to season. That is why as a designer, you should keep yourself abreast of the latest trends. You can easily do this by regularly reading fashion magazines and industry journals.


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