Beautiful Hair Salon Name Ideas List: Unique & Available

Get a catchy salon name and logo to attract new clients to your hair styling, nail salon and beauty salon services like a magnet!

Get inspiration and ideas from this list of hair salon names and logos for hair stylists, beauty salons, colorists, nail studios, microblading brow and eyelash, skin care spas, children’s salons, men’s salons, barbershops, and even mobile beauty business names! Tons of name ideas that are elegant, unique, funky and funny.

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The list of names and logos are divided into types of names classy, French, cool, trendy, funky, quirky, funny, catchy, creative, natural and organic – for you to choose your perfect salon name and logo.

NOTE: All the logos featured were created by 99designs logo contest. Read about my experience of using 99designs to create my new logo.

Salon Name Ideas

Classy & French Salon Names

A La Mode (French for the latest fashion) – Check Availability 
Beautiful Salon – Check Availability 
Beauty Mark – Check Availability 
Bellissimo (Beautiful in Italian) – Check Availability 
Designers Edge – Check Availability 
E’lan (French for distinctive elegance) – Check Availability 
Graceful Beauty – Check Availability 
Mon Petite Hair (Good for Children’s Salons) – Check Availability 
Plush Beauty Lounge – Check Availability 
Salon de Elegance – Check Availability 
Smart + Glam – Check Availability 
Turning Heads – Check Availability 

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Naming Tips: How to Come Up with a Catchy Business Name

Cool & Trendy Hair Salons Names

Blunt Cut – Check Availability 
Chopz – Check Availability 
Fringe – Check Availability 
Girly Girl – Check Availability 
Shear Trendz – Check Availability 
Shears – Check Availability 
Simply Hairlicious – Check Availability 
Structures – Check Availability 
Stylin’ Chic – Check Availability 
Stylish Flow – Check Availability 

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Simple and striking brand design for Fuzion salon and spa designed by 99designs

Funky & Quirky Beauty Studio Names

Bad Hair Day Salon – Check Availability 
Bombshell Studio – Check Availability 
Curl Me Crazy – Check Availability 
Curly Girl – Check Availability 
Cute Cut – Check Availability 

Do or Dye – Check Availability 
Hair Cutlets (Great for Kids Salons) – Check Availability 
Hair Slayer – Check Availability 
Hair Square – Check Availability 
Hair Zoo (also great for kids cuts) – Check Availability 
Mirror Mirror – Check Availability 
No Loose Ends – Check Availability 
Sweet Pixie Salon – Check Availability 
The Big Tease Salon – Check Availability 
The Hair Lair – Check Availability 
Under the Dryer – Check Availability 
Undercut – Check Availability 

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Catchy & Creative Beauty Parlor Names

Beauty Lord – Check Availability 
Happy Trimming – Check Availability 
Mane Avenue – Check Availability 
Shortcuts – Check Availability 
Tresses – Check Availability 

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Natural & Organic Salon Names

Beauty Garden – Check Availability 
Beauty with Grace – Check Availability 
Halo – Check Availability 
Infinity Hair Salon – Check Availability 
Inspirations Salon – Check Availability 
Rootz Salon – Check Availability 

Names for Spas & Skin Care Facials

Lilly Beauty Studio – Check Availability 
NU You – Check Availability 
Rejuvenate Spa – Check Availability 
Serenity Salon – Check Availability 
The Makeover Place – Check Availability 

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Catchy Nail Salons Names

Luminous Nails – Check Availability 
Nail Bar – Check Availability 
Nail Me – Check Availability 
Polished Nail Salon – Check Availability 
The Nail Lounge – Check Availability 
Tips n’ Toes – Check Availability 
Treat Your Feet (for pedicures) – Check Availability 

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Men’s Hair Stylist & Barber Shops Names

Barber Without a Cause – Check Availability 
Chop Shop – Check Availability 
Crew Cuts USA – Check Availability 
Dapper – Check Availability 
Get Buzzed – Check Availability 
Man Cave Barber – Check Availability 
Mister Cutts – Check Availability 

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How to Name Your Salon Beautifully

The name you choose for your salon business is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new entrepreneur. It’s because names have power and communicate your companies services and values. 

Powerful names can greatly impact your business perception in customers’ minds.  Here I will help you come up with a catchy business name to attract customers to build your business in three easy steps.  

Come let’s get busy naming your salon, nail manicure bar, mens barbershop or skin care spa …

Step 1 – Determine The Unique Branding Position of Your Salon 

Before you can come up with a catchy business name you need to get clear on your branding position. What types of salon services are you offering? Who are your target customers? What makes your salon special and different?  

A strong branding position will attract good customers to your establishment.  And will make your marketing planning much easier because you will know what your unique benefits are. Come along as we develop your salon brand in two easy steps. 

Your Salon Difference vs Competitors

What “position” do you want to claim a stake in your customer’s minds as opposed to your competitors? 

Is your salon MORE expert in hair color, trendier, cozier, more pampering, or has macho vibe?   

How You Want Customers to Identify Your Salon

What qualities do you want your customers to be reminded of when your salon comes to mind? Are you the best salon for keeping up with fashions in new hairstyles, or to help middle-aged women with hair loss and makeup techniques for aging skin, or a fun place for kids to get hair cuts?  

Example of Salon Branding Position:

A metropolitan hair salon located in the fashionable city center specializing in high-end salon services from innovative hair cuts to trending hair colors. In addition to services, they sell top quality hair products and tools available exclusively at their salon locations. 

Please take a moment to think through these important questions and answer them by drafting your unique branding position as shown in the example above. 

Trust me having this statement will greatly assist you in the next step to naming your salon business and brainstorming catchy names. 

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Step 2 Brainstorm Name Ideas for Your Salon 

Armed with your branding position statement (discussed above) you are now ready to come up with a list of good name ideas using my pro brainstorming techniques below. Use some or all of the methods and create a long list of possible name ideas for your business. 

To create your most unique salon name, brainstorming is the first order of business.  The best place to start is inside your ideal client’s mind. Who are your target customers for your salon’s services?  Are they millennials, teenagers, children and families, college students, young professionals, stylish middle-aged women, or men.

Once you have your perfect customer in mind, figuratively step into their shoes. This is important because you want to evaluate your name options through the lens of their outlook for the best results.  Don’t fall into the trap of naive business owners who judge their salon names using their own taste. You want to appeal to your customers, not to yourself

Begin your brainstorming with listing words about your services such as cut, style, blow-dry, perm, color, etc. Include adjectives that you want to use to describe your beauty approach glamorous, chic, natural, etc.  

Play around with rhyming names or with words that all have the same starting letters such as cut-color-comb or style-shine-soft or nails-nibs-nice. These types of phrases are unique and easy to remember.

Then continue to the next step where we will review each of these naming ideas against the checklist below to determine which is the very best name for your new salon business. 

Check out my full list of 24 ways to brainstorm business name ideas here 

Review Business Name Lists

Read lists of business name ideas such as these below from my blog to get inspiration for your best company name:

Estheticians name ideas
Brow and lash extension name ideas
Nail salon name ideas

Combine Two Words for One Business Name

Blend personal names of two or more owners into an interesting compound business name. Learn the many ways to combine names for your business name in my article here

Name Your Company With Your Personal Name  

Some business owners elect to use their own personal name as their salon name. Generally, I do not recommend naming your business after yourself – except in a few instances – read more in my article about naming a business after yourself here

FYI: Avoid using business owner initials as a business name. Some new entrepreneurs decide to use their initials as their company name. This is not a good idea, because names such as The LMI salon (Linda, Mary and Irene) is boring, easy to forget, hard to spell and pronounce.

Together we can do much better keep reading to come up with your best salon name. Keep reading

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Use Acronyms to Come Up Company Name

An acronym is different from a name made up of owner initials because it creates a new word. 

Some examples; IBM is an initial name (for International Business Machines) which is spoken as each letter separately – I -B- M.

An example acronym name is LEGO (short for Leg Godt – danish for “play well”) and is pronounced as one word.

Use this online tool to brainstorm some creative acronym business names.

Experiment with Wordplay and Funny Puns

Puns are jokes that exploit the different possible meanings of words – a play on words. They can make funny and catchy business names.

Some examples of pub name puns;   Clip Art, Hair Play, Hair Pollution, and My Hair Lady!

Have fun and get business name inspiration with this free Pun Generator tool.

Try Rhymes for a Catchy Business Name

Using a rhyming name can make your brand more memorable such as StubHub and 7-Eleven. 

Business names that rhyme has a musical quality that helps them stand out in customers’ minds. I used this free online rhyme tool to come up with these names for salon companies:

Dawn Salon – Check Availability
Brawn Salon for Men – Check Availability
Swan Salon – Check Availability
Turned On Salon – Check Availability
Bring On Salon – Check Availability
Get On Salon – Check Availability
Top Echelon Salon – Check Availability
Octagon Salon – Check Availability
Air Hair Services – Check Availability
Hair Prayer – Check Availability
Hair Squared – Check Availability
Hair Flair Salon – Check Availability
Fanfare Hair Cutters – Check Availability

Utilize Descriptive Word Phrases for Salon Names

Use keywords that describe your products and services and their benefits to create interesting and powerful salon company business names.

Begin with your business type -“salon”. Then create a list of related words such as; beauty parlor, atelier, beautician, stylist, barber, spa, boutique, beauty, glamour, lovely, charm, artist. 

Check out this free online related words tool

Combine these related words with other words such as; your location, name, or specialty salon service menu. 

Here are some salon-related example of names:

Nail Charm Artists – Check Availability
Glamour Colorists – Check Availability
Chop Boutique – Check Availability
Dallas Barber – Check Availability
Southern Spas – Check Availability

>>Check out my full list of 24 pro ways to brainstorm business name ideas here 

Step 3 – Select Your Best Salon Name Checklist  

By following my recommended steps above you will have come up with a long list of good salon names. Next comes, the critical phase of evaluating your salon name ideas and selecting your perfect name. 

Use my pro checklist below of important criteria to help you make the best choice.

Checklist to Choose Your Best Salon Name  – 9 Important Considerations

  1. Communicates Your Product and Services – Is it relevant to your menu and offerings? Don’t be so clever that you confuse customers and they can’t figure out what you are selling.

    Good name for a salon = Hair Color Dimensions

Bad name for a salon  = Tonal Twists

  1. Manageable to pronounce – Be sure that your name can be spoken (and understood) easily. You want lots of customer referrals so make it easy for word of mouth advertising. People will remember names that are easy to say and forget companies with complex or unpronounceable names.

    Good name for a salon = Beauty Snips Hair Cutters

Bad name for a salon  = Beaute Melange Emporium

  1. Easy to spell – Aim for a name that is easy to spell so customers can easily find you in telephone directories and online search engines. Also, the best names are of a short to medium length so they are easier to write and type. 

    Good name for a salon = Bangs Salon
    Bad name for a salon  = Beautific Rootz Rendevous

  2. Simple to remember – The easier it is for customers to remember your company names the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and family.

    Good name for a salon =  Brawn Salon for Men
    Bad name for a salon  = Hunky Hair Cutters for Gentlemen

  1. Distinctive & Unique – Your best name choice is distinct and unlike your market competitors’ brand names to avoid customer confusion.  Unique names stand out positively. Verify that your name choice is not taken or trademarked in your State by registering at Incfile. Get the awesome $0 zero dollar deal today.  
  1. Is Flexible and Expandable – Choose a name that is flexible enough to allow your business to grow and new products and services. Don’t limit yourself too much. Select a name that provides the ability to expand to other markets and locations also. 
  2. Check for Rude or Negative Meanings – Take time to verify that what you think is funny your customers don’t view as rude! Plus research any negative meanings of the words you have in your company name. This is especially important if you serve foreign markets or ethnic customers. Speak to native speakers of their mother tongue to clear your name ideas. 
  1. Search Domain Name Availability – Before you decide on your final salon company name check if the corresponding domain name URL is available here. If so, get it and (pay $0 zero dollars at Blue Host).

    This secures your right to use your website. If your desired name is not available, don’t fret, here are my expert tips on how to find a matching domain name to your company name, even if your first choice is taken.

  2. Check if Social Media Profiles are Taken – If your domain name is available, then go ahead and check if all the social media account profiles are available. Check all of the most popular social media sites’ user names availability with one click at Knowem here.

Salon Name Generators: How to Use for Naming Ideas

If you have not found your perfect salon name from the list above of name ideas, then use these Salon name generators. 

Shopify business name generator

BNG Business Name Generator

Keep reading to get my very best tips on how to use these online tools to create truly unique names for your salon, hair styling studio, or makeup artist beauty services.  

Step 1: Create Beauty Salon Keyword List

To name your salon start by brainstorming to create a list of keywords related to beauty, hair, skin, and makeup. These are the words that you will enter into the business name generator. 

Remember garbage in – garbage out. This means that the better, more focused, and creative, your keywords are the better – and more interesting – your name idea results will be.

Search Engine 

An easy way to brainstorm keywords is to use Google. Put in your business type ( hair salon, nail art, manicures, men haircuts, etc) plus “keywords”. Example – “beauty salon + keywords”. Scroll through keyword pages such as this one and pick up related words.

I found these salon-related keywords =   spa, facial, haircut, extensions, hair color, trims, prices, salon service. 


Also try using a thesaurus for your primary service word (hair) for synonyms (words that mean the same thing) I found styling, barber, hairdressing, beauty parlor,  mane, strands, coiffure, fringe, tress, and mop. 


Another source of creative keywords is a glossary of salon terms like this one.  Here I discovered even more good keywords to input into the salon name generator including;  roots, bangs, braid, French, gloss, rinse, and fluff.

Generate Salon Names

Experiment by entering various keywords – single and multiple variations – into the Salon name generator tool to generate creative name ideas.

Check out the ones I created by using my keyword list I created using the prior steps.  

List of Salon Name Ideas Created With Name Generator Tools

Beauty Gloss – Check Availability
Roots Strong Salon – Check Availability
Photo Shine Hair Stylists – Check Availability
Tonal Hair Colorists – Check Availability
Bang Zen Hair Shop – Check Availability
Dreamboat Barbers – Check Availability
Onyx Men’s Haircuts – Check Availability
Dazzle Halo – Check Availability

Step 3: Review and Edit Names

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your perfect Salon name by adding your personal name (Nicki, Pierre), nickname (Hottie, Buddy) or town name/region (LA, Chicago, South).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. The next step is where we will pick your final name.

Step 4: Select Final Name

The final step in naming your salon is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name ideas. 

Have a list of 3-4 choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion. Ask them for any name ideas they can think of. Some of the best names have come about just this way.

Step 5: Trademark Your Salon Name

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Register your business name by trademarking it affordably at Legalzoom.  They will research the marketplace to be sure your desired name is not taken and will then protect it with legal registration.

Step 6: Reserve Your Salon Domain Name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website.

Use this domain search tool because if your exact name is not available, it will offer many suggested names that are not taken.

Use a Naming Contest for Your Salon Name

Want More Name Ideas for Your Salon?  Launch a Naming Contest at Squad Help

Engage hundreds of the best naming experts in the world or purchase a premium name available today!  See the examples below in the two images:

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Naming is hard. There are many unexpected challenges. Often people spend weeks or months trying to come up with a name before they seek help and guidance.

By reading this ebook, you will learn the process we’ve used to deliver more than 8000 winning names. You will understand how to confidently develop a great name for just about anything!

LEAN STARTUP TIP – If your startup capital is low, get a free logo made with this cool logo maker at

Before you decide to name your business using your personal name please read the pros and cons of using your personal name for business by naming experts here

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Naming Tips: How to Come Up with a Catchy Business Name

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