Theoretically speaking, we should be able to choose our life partner according to personal preference. After all, the days of arranged marriages and match-making are long gone. However, as it turns out, the choice might depend on more than feelings of love alone. As experts from Silicon Wives explain, our relationship choices are strongly affected…Read More →



Relationships take a lot of effort and work to keep going strong and that’s why you need to engage in some good relationship-building activities. As the years go by in your relationship, you get stuck in everyday routines. Work, careers, and life get in the way, and you start to lose that spark that drew…Read More →



Do you ever wonder if women find you appealing? Here are signs you are attractive to women. Most times, guys face the problem of having to figure out if a lady is genuinely into them or is just being all-natural and friendly without the intent of flirting, or even a possible interest in them. For…Read More →