Did you know there are an estimated 3.8 million Filipino Americans in the United States? In the coming decades, census experts anticipate this number to surpass well over 4 million. With increased awareness of Filipino people and culture especially in states like California, Hawaii, Texas, and New York where many of immigrated we expert increasing…Read More →



Is Pakistani food be the next cultural cuisine discovered by Americans? Currently there are a reported 518,116 that are Pakistani Americans according to the most recent censes data. But this is an increase of 24.17% from the 2010 census. As more Pakistani people continue immigrating to the United States, the more demand and awareness there…Read More →



Did you know there are an estimated 25,300 Japanese restaurants operating in the United States alone? According to this report there are over 100,000 Japanese themed restaurants operating outside of Japan. It’s safe to say Japanese food is now enjoyed globally. With sushi bars being one of the most popular types of Japanese restaurant in…Read More →



Coated, fried, and often covered in delicious buffalo sauce, chicken wings are a hugely popular menu item in the United States. In 2019 alone, Americans consumed more than 942 million servings of wings. Chicken wings are well positioned in the intersection between what customers want and food menu costs. On the customer side, wings are…Read More →



Have you ever wondered what and how deli’s started? According to Merriam-Webster, a delicatessen or deli for short is a retail store offering ready-to-eat food products such as prepared salads or cooked meat. It finds its roots in Germany way back in the 18th century. European immigrants specifically the Ashkenazi Jews brought and popularized delicatessens…Read More →