Do you want to increase your online sales for your food business? How about sell to millions of customers instead of being limited to buyers in your small town? That’s the power of the internet. Online shopping is an enormous industry. Just look at the sale of groceries online – it’s a $27 billion market.…Read More →



The farmers market is traditionally one of the easiest ways to sell your product as a small producer. Even the smallest producers of jams can afford to pay a $20 fee to setup a tent and vend at a local event. Prior to the internet, this was one of the only options bootstrapped food producers…Read More →



No matter whether if it’s a raisin, date, or even an apricot, dehydrated fruits are one of the world’s most popular snacks. Dried fruits can be sold in bulk, paired in trail mixes, used as a topping for salads and occasionally added to alcoholic drinks as a natural sweetener. According to industry reports, the average…Read More →



Processed mango products are expected to reach $25 billion in global value by 2025 according to industry reports. That’s no surprise considering the number of ways the fruit can be used as a primary ingredient in juice, shakes, smoothies, fillings in desserts, dried fruit snacks, or even skin care products. As a drink goes, mango…Read More →



Gluten is a band of seed storage protein naturally found in cereal grains. In bread wheat, gluten amounts to around 75% to 85% of its total protein. According to research, some people experience immunological, inflammatory, and autoimmune adverse reactions to gluten. This intolerance of gluten foods has resulted in increased demand for food products. According…Read More →