Who doesn’t love chocolate? From grown-ups to kids, chocolates are a beloved confectionery. And with chocolate being one of the most consumed commodities in the world, it’s a viable business opportunity too. North America takes the largest share in consumption followed by Europe, according to industry reports. Being the largest consumer of chocolates in the…Read More →



The yogurt business in the United States gained rapid consumption as people look at a healthier lifestyle, but didn’t want to sacrifice the occasional sweet treat. According to Statistic Brain, almost 80% of American consumers prefer to eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. While the market may still be in its infancy, the growth…Read More →



Food stalls offering ready-to-eat foods and drinks have long been embedded into American culture. Though previously banned at the start of 18th century America, street food which was sold through stalls, eventually gained popularity and became a staple of New York streets around 1910 selling everything from hotdogs to snacks. Food stalls remain a fast…Read More →



Who doesn’t like cake?! Unlike its desert counterparts, chocolates and candies, cakes appeal to more people, sweet tooth or not. Typically baked, cakes used to be just an alteration of bread. In 2019, the value of the global cake market was nearly $43 billion with projections for annual growth through 2027. The most commonly used…Read More →



The care package was inspired by the humanitarian aid given by CARE, or the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere. CARE is an organization that was developed after the 2nd World War to support people affected by the war. The organization eventually evolved into an NGO helping people around the world overcome poverty and social…Read More →



Whether it is your breakfast pastry or your elevenses donuts, your pie for lunch or that birthday cake for the kids, or even your mother’s home-made meatloaf, flour is one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet. An industry that is worth more than $17 billion U.S. dollars a year. In spite of the sustained…Read More →