How to Scale Your Sales Operation

Scaling a sales operation can be compared to climbing a mountain. When you set up at the base camp, the entire task looks completely manageable, especially since you and your team are full of energy and resolve. But as you start climbing gradually upwards, you realize that things are starting to get tricky.

You and your team begin to feel tired, and the task at hand becomes burdensome. Fatigue starts to set in, and you realize that you are running out of resources. It is not uncommon for sales operations to hit a wall as they try to scale, which often makes them give up and turn around.

It can be challenging to maintain the quality of personalized sales service while trying to expand the operations. Sales operation leaders often struggle to solve this predicament, but few succeed in achieving the desired objectives. If you have been struggling to scale your sales operations, here are five tips to get consistent outcomes.

Create a Repeatable Sales Process

You cannot have steady outcomes without standard and repeatable operating procedures. Therefore, you need to design a process that would work for your clients each time.

A standard sales process consists of steps that your sales team needs to follow to move a prospective consumer from a cold lead to a paying customer. The usual steps in a standard sales process are as follows:

●       Looking for the prospective leads

●       Connecting with the leads and qualifying the possibility to convert them

●       Research about the qualifying leads to personalize the sales experience

●       Proposing a sales presentation and answering any questions the prospective client might have

●       Offering a quote or proposal and finalizing the deal

Always think about your key performance indicators (KPIs while designing a standard sales process. If you have an operating procedure in place, you can make the necessary changes by considering the following points:

●       Why should people choose you instead of choosing your competitors?

●       What problems do your target customers often face, and how can you solve them?

●       Do you have any touchpoints with your leads?

●       What are the factors responsible to move the lead along the sales funnel?

●       What actions should your representative take to finalize the deal?

Hire the Right Team

If you want to scale, you must make sure that you hire the best possible team that offers quality service and high-performance levels. Your hiring process should have a clear set of expectations for the job tasks and ensure that prospective candidates understand their job roles.

If you want to scale up your international sales, you will have to recruit sales representatives overseas, which can be tricky. So, make sure you ‘re up on the process for hiring overseas sales managers and team members.

Most people would advise you to recruit representatives based on personality and interpersonal skills. However, we feel that you should also look for some basic sales skills. A good sales representative should indeed have a pleasing personality and work well with each other.

But there are certain aspects of the sales job that is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, make sure you look for additional qualities that are necessary for customer acquisition and scaling revenue growth.

Train Your Team Members

Hiring the right team will not be enough to scale your sales operations. You must make sure that your new team members are mentored by seasoned experts who can show them the tricks and best practices of the trade.

You should also bring in industry experts from time to time to share their knowledge on the latest sales tactics. Regular training will ensure that your sales representatives keep learning new things to increase revenue and put them to practice.

Set up the Right Tools

Old school spreadsheets are not the most effective tools to achieve sales goals anymore. You have to make sure that your sales team uses powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to keep track of every customer and their progress along the sales process.

Apart from the CRM software, your sales team should also have several other tools at their disposal, such as:

●       Sales intelligence and exploration software

●       Sales analytics software

●       Video Conferencing software

●       Account-based marketing software

●       Marketing automation software

●       Sales contract management software

●       Customer service management software

●       Appointment scheduling apps

However, it is also crucial not to choke your sales team workflow with too many tech tools. You and your team should identify the areas that will truly benefit from the use of each software and decide whether to implement it or not.

Measure the KPIs and Adjust Your Strategy

It is necessary to monitor the data to keep track of sales numbers and other details during the sales process. Some of the crucial things that should be on your list are:

●       Number of lead calls and conversations

●       The ratio of lead follow-ups

●       The ratio of proposals sent

●       The average length of each sales cycle

●       Total number of closed opportunities

●       Since completion rates

●       Fresh opportunities in the pipeline

You should be able to identify the individual stages of a representative sales process and success rates. It will allow you to make the necessary adjustments as and when required.

An efficient sales process can play a crucial role in the acquisition of clients and revenue growth. But if you want to scale your sales operations, you must go beyond executing everyday tasks.

It needs careful planning, research, appropriate resources, and necessary adjustments to get the right mix to scale up. If you feel the task too challenging and beyond your capability, you can always consult experts to achieve the desired goals.

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