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75 + Names That Mean Blue For Boys And Girls

When you think of colors, blue may be one of the first that comes to mind. In fact, there are many names that mean blue for both boys and girls.

Whether your child is just starting to learn their colors or they’re looking for a name with a special meaning, one of these names may be perfect! Check out this list of names that mean blue and see if any catch your eye.

Names That Mean Blue

Is there anything more calming than looking at the sky and seeing a beautiful shade of blue? For many people, the color blue is synonymous with peace and tranquility.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at names that mean blue. Whether you’re looking for a name for your baby or you’re just curious, read on to learn more!

  • Aciano – The one-of-a-kind name is the Spanish word for cornflower. Obviously, it’s blue.
  • Aoki – A name of Japanese beginning that works for children of any orientation, Aoki signifies ‘blue tree.’
  • Azraq – This child kid’s name signifies ‘blue’ in Arabic.
  • Azul – This unbiased name is Spanish for blue.
  • Bisman – A name of Indian beginning, Bisman is a dim blue or dark tone.
  • Blue – You don’t have to go searching for different dialects or words when you have this charming name. Promoted by Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little one, Blue Ivy, Blue is an incredible name for any orientation.
  • Blu – Why not attempt this other option, more limited spelling for Blue?
  • Bleu – What about the French word for blue? More famous as a child kid’s name, we believe it’s a sleek twist on ‘Blue’.
  • Cerulean – Albeit frequently utilized as a kid’s name, Cerulean can work for any orientation. This exceptional name comes from the Latin ‘caeruleus,’ and that implies dim blue.
  • Cielo – This kid’s name signifies ‘sky’ in Italian — an extraordinary choice in the event that you’re searching for an incredible enormous blue name.
  • Cyan – Alluding to the delightful, light, greenish-blue tone, this name overflows quietly.
  • Douglas – This Scottish beginning name signifies ‘dull water’ and is an ideal dark blue name for a child kid.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

Some people might think that the only baby names that mean blue are those that are spelled with a ‘w’. But there are actually plenty of baby boy names that have meanings related to the color blue.

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Whether you’re looking for something unique or something more traditional, there’s sure to be a name on this list that will fit your needs! So take a look and see if you can find the perfect name for your little one.

  • Gorman – Searching for a name that signifies ‘blue-looked at one’? This Irish choice takes care of you.
  • Hinto – A Dakota kid’s name, Hinto signifies ‘blue-haired.’
  • Indivar – This Indian beginning name signifies ‘blue lotus.’
  • Jay – Jay is an epithet for a blue jay, a radiant blue bird. It likewise makes for a very charming impartial name.
  • Keyne – Another sky-related name, Keyne is an old Cornish name that signifies ‘man of the eastern sky.’
  • Marlais – A Welsh beginning kid’s name, Marlais likewise signifies ‘blue.’
  • Neel – This kid’s name is of Hindu beginning and furthermore implies blue.
  • Okko – Assuming you’re searching for a Finnish choice that signifies ‘blue,’ you’ve quite recently tracked down it.
  • Oldrik – This old German kid’s name signifies ‘blue slope’ or ‘blue pinnacle.’
  • Puskara – An Indian kid’s name, Puskara signifies ‘blue lotus’.
  • Ruka – This Japanese name signifying ‘radiant blue blossom’ is commonly a kid’s name, however, can be utilized for any orientation.
  • Shyam – This adorable Hindu kid’s name implies dull blue or dark.
  • Viorel – In Romanian beginning, Viorel comes from the word for ‘bluebell.’
  • Yahto – A Sioux beginning name, Yahto signifies ‘blue.’
  • Zeru – This impartial name is the word for blue in the Basque district.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

Names That Mean Blue

There are so many beautiful baby girl names to choose from, but have you ever considered naming your little one after a color? Blue is a special color that has different meanings for different people.

To some, blue represents the sky and the ocean. To others, blue is associated with loyalty and trust. No matter what meaning you associate with blue, these baby girl names are perfect for your little one!

  • Afina – This very charming Romanian beginning name signifies ‘blueberry.’
  • Atasi – A name of Hindu beginning, Atasi signifies ‘blue bloom’.
  • Azure or Azurine – Sky blue means blue sky, and Azurine is a famous name variation. We think both works as sweet child young lady names.
  • Bluesette – Despite the fact that it has ‘blue’ in it, Bluesette is really a word for a jazz tune.
  • Celeste – Celeste signifies ‘glorious,’ but at the same time it’s related to the shade of the sky.
  • Ciel – Ciel, articulated ‘see-ell’ signifies ‘sky’ in French.
  • Claramay – If you have any desire to stir up your blues, this name may be the most ideal one for you. Claramay is a blend of blue and pink.
  • Doli – This Navajo name signifies ‘bluebird.’
  • Fairouz – It alludes to turquoise — the valuable stone — in Arabic and makes for a wonderful young lady’s name.
  • Jaibrian – From its Arabic starting points, this name signifies ‘bluebird,’ yet in addition ‘strength’ and ‘respectable.’
  • Lapis – This special name is the word for a semi-valuable stone that is a dim, striking, blue tone.
  • Livie – Of Latin beginning, Livie’s name signifies ‘blue.’
  • Marilee – This delightful young lady’s name signifies ‘star of the blue ocean.’
  • Maya – Maya signifies ‘water’ in Arabic, making it an ideal dark blue young lady’s name.

Unisex Names For Blue

Name That Mean blue

When most people think of blue they think of a color that is typically associated with boys. However, there are many unisex names for blue that can be used for both boys and girls.

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In this blog post, we will explore some of the best unisex names for blue. So whether you are expecting a baby boy or girl, consider using one of these beautiful names for your little one.

  • Marilee – Welsh, signifies “star of the ocean” connected with the names Mari, Marilyn, and Mary
  • Cyane – Greek, signifies “a splendid shade of blue”
  • Neelu – Hindu, signifies “jewel” and portrays a melancholy shade of blue/green
  • Mazarine – French, depicts a most unfathomable shade of blue
  • Atasi – Indian, Hindu, signifies “blue bloom”
  • Amrin – Muslim, an exquisite very young lady, a “blue sky”
  • Ruka – Japanese, frequently utilized as a profound inferred named this one portrays a dazzling blue blossom
  • Sini – Finnish, a more female variant of “Sinkka” signifies “blue” frequently utilized wonderfully
  • Claramay – English, signifies “splendid, cherished”, it is the combination of pink and blue
  • Bluesette – American, a magnificent decision for jazz-cherishing guardians, this is an easygoing child young lady name
  • Linnaeus – Latin, named after a blue blossom or twinflower sprout
  • Gorman – Irish, Gaelic, signifies “little blue-peered toward one”
  • Jalaneel – Latin, depicts the dark blue of the blustery seas
  • Indivar/Indeevar, Hindi, signifies “gift” and “blue lotus”
  • Nabhas – Sanskrit, this one signifies “divine”, like the moon against a dark blue evening.
  • Jaibrian – Arabic, signifies “bluebird” or “honorable, strength”
  • Neel – Latin, Irish, Gaelic, this name determines as an option in contrast to Cornelius, Neal, Niel and starts its own process signifying “somewhat blue shade of the sky”

Names That Mean Blue Ocean

Have you ever wanted a name that represented the beauty and mystery of the ocean? If so, then check out these names that mean blue ocean! They’re perfect for any baby who loves spending time by the water.

  • Adriatic – After the Adriatic ocean in the Italian promontory
  • Ariel – The name of the principal character from the film The Little Mermaid got involved a great deal as a first name after it emerged.
  • Athena – A Greek goddess who really dominated Poseidon (divine force of the Sea) in a contest on who might investigate Athens.
  • Brooke – A small stream
  • Cumberland – An island off the shore of Georgia that I visited once as a youngster.
  • Douglas – A Scots-Gaelic word that signifies “dim water”.
  • Drake – A male duck; likewise the name of Francis Drake, a renowned maritime office and ocean pilgrim
  • Eldoris – A Greek name that signifies “of the ocean” exotic

Exotic Names That Mean Blue

Name That Mean blue

Did you know that there are many beautiful names out there that mean blue? Whether your favorite color is blue or not, you’ll love these exotic and unique names! Check out this list of gorgeous names that all mean blue.

  • Aohito – Japanese for “blue individual”
  • Aoi – Japanese for “blue”
  • Aoichi – Japanese for “nobility”
  • Azraq – Arabic for “blue”
  • Azul – The Spanish word for “blue”
  • Blainn – Old Norse for “blue”
  • Blatonn – Old Norse for “blue-tooth”
  • Caeso – Latin for “blue-dim”
  • Cyannipus – Greek for “dull blue shaded horse”
  • Glaukon – Greek for “somewhat blue dim”
  • Gorman – Irish for “blue”
  • Kahurangi – Maori for “sky blue”
  • Khazhak – Armenian for “blue-looked at”
  • Livius – Roman for “blue”
  • Nilam – Sanskrit for “dull blue” or “sapphire”
  • Shyamal – Bengali for “blue”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means blue flower?

When you consider a blue blossom, what name rings a bell? For some individuals, the response is forget-me-not. In any case, did you have any idea that there are different plants with blue blossoms that likewise go by the name forget-me-not?

In this blog entry, we’ll investigate the various plants that bear this moniker and investigate their distinctive qualities. So put on your planting gloves and we should get everything rolling!

2. What is the Greek name for blue?

When you consider colors, what rings a bell? Blue is quite possibly of the most famous variation on the planet. Yet, have you at any point considered what the Greek word for blue is?

In this blog entry, we’ll investigate the various implications and starting points of the word blue. We’ll likewise investigate a few popular blue things and spots. So whether you’re not kidding sweetheart or not, we truly want to believe that you see this as a post fascinating!

3. What is an exotic name for a blue?

Could it be said that you are searching for an extraordinary name for your blue? Could it be said that you are worn out on the common names like Sky or Blue?

All things considered, bless your lucky stars! Here are a few imaginative and one-of-a-kind names for your blue. Appreciate!

4. What boy’s name means blue?

With regards to naming your little one, you need a name that is significant and extraordinary. Yet, did you have any idea that there are names out there that convey explicit implications?

Today, we will investigate the importance of kid names. Anyway, what does the name “Blue” mean? Continue to peruse to find out!

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