Tailor Brands Review: Logo & Website Builder with Coupon

Are you struggling with branding your new business? 

You want a great looking logo with a coordinating website but you don’t have much money, time, or design talent. No worries! I’ve got a great solution for you –  Tailor Brands. 

A smart team of branding professionals and AI software experts saw the need for an intuitive, super easy to use, suite of online branding tools so they created it! 

Within minutes (and a few clicks) you can create a truly unique and professional looking logo for your company PLUS perfectly coordinated marketing materials including websites, social media, business cards, t-shirts, and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about Tailor Brands Studio and how it can help you create beautiful logos and coordinated branding for your new business – fast and cheap. 

Your first logo is FREE both to create and use.

If you then choose to upgrade to premium graphics and fonts use our exclusive discount code – b4b – and get 20% off all products at Tailor Brands already low prices.

Win win!

What is Tailor Brands?

With Tailor Brands Studio – a complete suite of online branding tools powered by AI Artificial Intelligence – you can design your own truly unique logo for FREE – with no design talent or technical skills.

How it Helps Entrepreneurs (like you!)

The FREE logo maker tool helps you get your branding done right – fast and cheap. THEN the magic begins when the AI generates (from your input) a custom-created Brand Template.

Your unique branded template is then used to instantly create tons of marketing materials such as perfectly coordinated websites, social media posts, business cards, flyers, brochures,  t-shirts, mugs and packaging, and more!  See screenshot below.

Your custom brand theme is automatically applied to all your designs for social media, business cards and websites. Easy!

The brilliant combination of smart design tools and an integrated (and unique-to-you) brand template is what makes Tailor Brands so insanely useful for cash-strapped business owners who want their company brand to look great on a budget. 

As a Marketing Consultant and former Advertising Agency owner, I have worked with many graphic designer teams to brand big and small firms – so I know what is involved in branding your small business.

I was impressed right away while reviewing Tailor Studio. It is user friendly, the logos are surprising good-looking for a logo generator and the options of branded items are vast.

The professional graphic artists and brand agency owners who developed Tailor know that branding is more than just a pretty logo. So they created a full suite of branding resources. 

Top 5 Reasons I Recommend Tailor

  1. Makes a good-looking logo for free that you can use it right away. Start here
  2. Upgrades to premium tools are affordable. Save with our exclusive coupon code – b4b – 20% on all items
  3. Industry niche-specific logo designs craft the strongest brand looks for your business type.
  4. Grows with your business as you expand. When you need new brand designs your Studio subscription (with your magic Brand Template) is ready to quickly create awesome designs for new brochures, social media posts, and promotional flyers.
  5. One-stop-shop for marketing materials At Tailor when you create a new design for let’s say t-shirts, one click takes you directly to the supplier where you can order your item in minutes. Most of the other design software systems do not offer this valuable convenience – only the designs – when then leaves you having to hunt down product sources.

Come along with me for a visual tour -complete with screenshots and my tips to get the most from these tools to make your company stand out.  

Tailor Brands Studio Review & Visual Tour

One of the key benefits of the Tailor Studio system is that is comes bundled with many different design tools in one. This lets you create first-rate logos, then perfectly coordinated with your beautiful new logo — websites, business cards, packaging, and t-shirts.

This is accomplished by the AI working with your unique Brand Design Template.

This custom created template is your branding secret weapon that makes all your designs look professionally designed in minutes. KNOW that your brand template is NOT a cookie-cutter template (nor a tricky set of software settings.


Tailor Brands Free Logo Maker Tool Overview

A powerful logo is the heart and soul of your company brand and Tailor brands have you begin here. By simply entering your company name and clicking the design button.

In 2 seconds you are shown lots of good looking logo designs to begin your branding process. BUT it is only the beginning because now you can customize with tons of unique, perfect for you, combinations of fonts, colors (there are even suggested designer color palettes) styles, and logotypes.  

The tool was designed by professionals graphic designers and it shows, by the way, it asks important brand questions (such as type of business, on or offline sales) as part of the logo design process.

Company Name & Tagline Slogan

In addition to the company name field, you can also add a slogan and tagline to support your branding message – unlike other online logo makers.  I like this feature because adding a tagline can be an important part of your branding, especially if you use it as your personal name or and non-dictionary words.

PS: Not sure how to come up with a catchy business name then check out my super helpful guide here)

Business Type Selection

Next, you are asked about your type of business. This is critical information to design a brand that works really well.

Here is where you see the input of professional graphic designers to this tool’s development because this is the first question that I will ask entrepreneurs. Logos for product businesses need to be different than those with service or online influencers. 

Select from:

  • I sell products – soap, candles, artwork
  • I run a place – store, restaurant, cafe
  • I provide services – fitness, consulting nails
  • I am an influencer – blogger, vlogger, motivational speaker
  • And Other

Service Delivery

Next, the smart system asks the next question a professional graphic designer would – How do you provide your service? This is important info because the design will be influenced by its medium – on or offline or both.

Your options are: 

  • Only online
  • Online and in-person
  • Only in person 
  • And other

Logo Type options

Here the tool asks you about your preference for the different types of logos and shows examples for clarity.

Choose Logo Types:

  • Icon based – An easy to remember shape in the center of your logo design. 
  • Name-based – Your company name as a key element of your logo design.
  • Initial based – Initials as the main element of your logo design

Industry Niche-specific designs

Lastly, you select your industry from amongst hundreds of options from beauty to food. This is also super important because good branding designs for a ladies’ beauty salons will be very different from industrial construction firms and the smart designers who created Tailor Brands know this. 

In fact, they have trained AI artificial intelligence with examples of beautiful brand designs for each industry so your Mexican restaurant logo will be unique to you and be industry niche appropriate.

Check out these logo design examples for restaurants

These industry-specific designs are one of the top reasons why I recommend this tool to my entrepreneur clients.  Get great logo ideas for your company by browsing their industry specific pages such as these for:

Photography logo design examples

Logo Designs Created

Once you click the next arrow the tool gets to work making unique, industry-specific logo designs as a good starting point. 

These logos are well above average as compared to other logo makers in style and uniqueness – but they do not have to be our final logo design!  Hundreds of customizations are available!

Custom Editing

Now you are given thousands of ways to customize your logo with fonts, styles, and colors to make your 100% perfect logo brand. 

The tool interface is intuitive and user friendly – and frankly quite a bit of fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of selecting new fonts and watching my logo change before my eyes.

PLUS on the same page, I was shown how my design edits looked on business cards, websites, social media, and merchandise at the same time (see screenshot). It was great to see my whole brand board on one screen. Cool – and super helpful.

Too often people create a logo for their website but forget to check if they like the look on their business cards. If their web-only design logo does not work on printed materials they may have to redesign or have the logo dramatically altered – which kills a coordinated brand message. 

Not a problem when you use Tailor Brands because your Brand Template makes everything work together cohesively. Read more next about this valuable component of the design studio tools.

Custom Brand Template: Powerful Branding Tool

Brand coordination is even more important to small business than large companies. Most small companies have reduced ad budgets and thus need to make each brand impression work extra hard to communicate to potential customers.

Research has shown that when marketing materials are well-coordinated they make a bigger impact with fewer repetitions and less advertising dollars spent.

You see, when your brand visuals are well-coordinated people get a stronger brand message and think they have seen your logo or company more than they have due to the repetitive visual look. Use this to your advantage. 

This where the true genius and brand building magic of your unique brand design template (which is programmed into the Tailor system) shines.

Inside the Tailor Brand Studio software are options to create more designs – using your brand template – for social media, Facebook ads, flyers, business cards, and merchandise that are ALL automatically perfectly coordinated with your logo brand. Boom! Branding = done

Website Design

The next step in your branding arsenal is your website. Today’s businesses both on and offline need professional looking and well-functioning sites to sell and communicate with customers. 

Tailor Brands makes it seamless. Once you create your logo and the brand template we discussed above you are taken to the easy to use (more intuitive than many web site builders currently available) to select a template from many good looking options.

To start you are offered either selection of templates by industry type – food, beauty, services, etc. Or you can get a custom template built-in seconds by answering 4 simple questions. Sweet

All of the websites created are fully responsive so they are automatically adapted for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Plus each site is set up with customizable headers, footers, and adjustable rows and columns too! 

You can get started building quickly with hundreds of easy to edit templates and sections. Explore the possibilities with drop-in widgets, layout choices by using the adjustment arrows. 

You are not alone. There are plenty of support materials available and an online support portal too!

Check out some of the good looking template examples below:

Business Cards

Just as every business needs a website they also need business cards. Yes even for online companies.

Smart entrepreneurs carry business cards to connect with potential customers, partners, and vendors. Business cards are the quickest way to look professional, communicate your brand message, and share information. 

The Tailor Brands business card process is so easy and fun! Plus when you are done you can download the files to print on your own computer printer, your local copy shop, or even have them professionally printed at Zazzle (at a super reasonable price) with one click. 

I like the multiple layout options. Instead of spending hours dithering with layouts this design tool gives you up to 10 layouts instantly with different sizes and finishes  as shown below. 

And of course, the design coordinates with your logo using your installed branding guidelines. Another win win. Easy does it.

Social Media Posts

This tool is probably the most useful in the suite of Tailor Brands Studio. It will create for you perfectly branded and visually appealing social media post images in seconds! 

Many of my entrepreneur clients stress out and spend way too much time creating social media posts – which don’t even look very good!

This social media post design tool alone is worth the low price of the subscription.

The power of your personal Brand Template (you created when you make your Free logo which we discussed above) works its magic and instantly generates tons of images, layout and ideas for social media posts. 

From within the Tailor Brands Studio dashboard in the Graphic Design section are options for:

  • Instagram Story
  • Social Post
  • Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Ad
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Twitter Posts

The interface design tool has social media templates (perfectly sized) and then asks you to select theme colors, tones – vibrant, deep or abstract, and then art styles such as: pop art, waves, tartan, vintage, grunge, gradient and landscape for backgrounds.

All you need to do is type some text and one click and you are done designing your posts. And they look great! Super professional 

NOTE: Then if designing tons of great branded images in seconds is not enough – Tailor offers to schedule them ahead of time for all your social media accounts with their software – Tailor Social Tools. Love it! Designed & done in minutes. That feels good.

Branded Logo Merchandise Designs

Your branding adventure continues with merchandise and printed materials at the Print Store.

Here, using your custom Brand Template and unique logo you can create company t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, pens, post-it notes, tote bags, invitations, phone cases, promotional items, and packaging (and way more!)- in a few clicks at great prices. 

Tailor has partnered with Zazzle’s thousands of product vendors to give you tons of customization choices. Check out the choices below. 

My clients really appreciate this option. Other sytems can help you design but then leave you stranded to find your own printer or t-shirt maker. Not Tailor, in just a few clicks your branded merchandise is finished, ordered and on its way to your office. Nice!

Not that your mini-tour of the Tailor Brand Studio is complete you know all about how you can create a unique logo and complete branding universe from websites, to business cards and even t-shirts – easy, fast and cheap.

Don’t take my word for it – try it out yourself. Take a few minutes and have fun trying out the Tailor Brand Free logo maker today.

In less than 2 minutes you can make your brand shine and your company grow with Tailor Brands.

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