Wusthof Knives: Something That Adds Meaning to Cutlery

Kitchen essentials are always in demand. There is no doubt that anyone would pick new cutleries anytime they come across them. Some look for some essential items to pull, whereas many others only want to keep adding new things to their kitchen. Either way round, selecting quality items will help to reduce the need to run to the stores anytime! Among kitchen essentials, spoons, knives and forks are never enough! Weirdly, people keep buying them. But it’s because they are compromising on the quality. Buying a Wusthof knife could be a mindful idea, as they considerably keep up with the quality.

It is a one-stop destination to buy knives for domestic and professional purposes. For anyone who’s a chef, a knife from this brand can be a marvellous gift! It is so because they believe cooking gets so much easier with these knives. Staying true to this belief, Wusthoff has been keeping up its name and fame for so many years. A variety of quality knife collections is only possible at Wusthoff, offering several options to its customers. While many people wonder what’s so unique about Knives from Wusthof, here is an answer.

What’s Brewing With Wusthof Knives?

Wusthof is a German company that are exclusively knife manufacturers. For years they have been keeping their brand top of the list. They use high-carbon stainless steel to make knives so they would be stain and rust-resistant even years from now. Their blades are exceedingly sharp, and one doesn’t need to sharpen them often. At Wusthof, one can also find knife sharpening equipment. Though they don’t seem essential for Wusthof knives, one can buy them to sharpen other knives in their cutlery! As already mentioned, at Wusthof, one can see a knife collection, each uniquely designed for their diverse customers.

A look into Wusthof Knife Collection

Here is a description of some famous picks from their collection,

  1. Wusthof Classic

Like its name, it has been a classic pick for many years. This piece, made of a chromium-vanadium mix, is a masterpiece with blades having exceedingly sharp edges. One can pick them for both commercial and domestic usage. They are an excellent deal for frequent uses as they have a grade of durability.

Under the classic series, one can also find other popular pieces like Classic White, Classic Ikon and Classic Ikon white. Each of them, made with a unique touch, differ in colour and look great for classic-modern kitchens. 

  1. Wusthof Crafter

It is worth considering them a piece of art. The crafter knives have their blades made of stainless steel, and the holder, exclusively made of Oakwood, makes handling so much easier. Their blades are stain, rust and scratch-resistant and the holder does a great job being waterproof.

  1. Wusthof Gourmet

These knives are positively a budget buy. It is so because their blades, made from a large piece of steel, do not compromise the quality. The handle is of polypropylene, a material that can keep germs away. Not just gourmet, almost all Wusthof knives have an anti-bacterial holder that’s hygienic to use.

Gourmet knives have unique pieces for any type of use. There are around forty knives in this series. Be it professional, casual or frequent; one can find their perfect cutting partner from Wusthof’s gourmet.

Buying a Wusthof knife could be the best thing to add to a cutlery collection. It adds worth to one’s entire kitchen and cuts off time at the kitchen. Knives from Wusthof are great performers and can stay for a long time if taken the best care!


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